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  1. Hi, I'm unsure if it's been asked or not. Don't know if it's been asked before but i had a quick search and found nothing. But does anybody have any theories on what Moiraine asked for from the Finn's apart from the Angreal? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I Met Brandon in manchester last week and asked about thw WOT great hunt codes, he agve me code number 29 - gunpowder, since he said that it had already been found but he also gave me a clue to a code that hasn't been found yet, the exact wording he used in my book was "One Code Includes "People + Things" in it." So... i didn't know where to post this but Any Ideas? Thanks
  3. Hey, Just a little something i've been questioning Lanfear specifcally mentions that there are only two more powerful that a man can use. the Anti-Callandor would be used to weild the True Source whcih would mean that it could be weilded by either gender, and also the fact that the dark one has to grant his permission for one to be able to use the True Source would make it seem a bit useless her mentioing it, i mean what the likelihood of the Dark One granting the Dragon Reborn the true source?
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