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  1. This is a really good question. Such an interesting character to be cast aside for so long.
  2. I thought it was 100% out of character for both of them. I didn't like it at all, but I did get a chuckle at the end of the chapter when Mat mentions being the one who saved Morraine.
  3. I gotta say I am very disappointed with how Morraine's return was handled. It just didn't feel like the world was all that surprised that she's alive. I guess I expected a little more emotion out of Rand.
  4. Sorry if there is a better place to ask this.... How are the threads in the Spoiler forum structured? Are they character specific? Are they broken up by chapters? I don't want to venture in there out of fear of spoilers, but once I start reading the book it would be nice if there was a 'Chatpers 1-5' thread that I can go discuss things in.
  5. There's is one thing I would bet a lot of money on. Morraine is going to kill Rand. Here's how I see it going down. Rand gets flipped to the dark side. He is either forced or he pretends to be. Morraine thinks he is dark, so she kills him. Then, the Dark One resurrects him and when he comes back, he flips back or reveals his ruse and kills the Dark One/seals him away for good. With all of the resurrecting that the Dark One has been doing of Foresaken, it makes sense to me that he will resurrect Rand.
  6. hahahahahahaha! I'm curious why you find that so funny. :)
  7. I am looking forward to the Moiraine/Rand reunion. Then Moiraine killing him.
  8. Terez already mentioned this. I don't believe it is Timolan because of the "My rule is secure" quote on page 1. Aiel don't rule. A Clan Chief doesn't rule. Kings rule.
  9. If someone else doesn't do it, PM me and I will send you the book. Thank you for your service.
  10. You're reading posts in a spoiler forum and you're complaining about seeing spoilers? Cracks me up every time.
  11. If Demandred ends up turning back to the Light, I will be disappointed. I guess it is pretty obvious at this point that someone is going to and I feel like that person should have had a lot fo screen time. Maybe that makes the turning more obvious. We've all been wondering what Demandred has been up to, he's barely mentioned in the story. Also, what were you guys really expecting from BS? He was never going to be able to write the end of this story like RJ. Whoever was picked would have been in a no win situation. I'm just glad we're getting the end of the story.
  12. No one particular scene, but my favorite part of the entire series is Egwene's resistence in the WT after they capture her.
  13. I forgot about your sig quote. Moiraine saying that in TEotW really struck me the last time I read it.
  14. I will kill you myself before I let the Dark One have you... Something to that effect any way. :)
  15. Mat is my favorite character, but my favorite part of the series is Egwene in the White Tower while putting up her resistence against Elaida. I loved it.
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