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  1. "Mat has always been, in my mind, the village prankster. That, by definition, makes him more joker than rogue." +1, this is how i have alwys viewed Mat. The village prankster, the troublemaker. I believe this is how RJ intended Mat to come off as, he's the one person trying to avoid and ignore everything because hé would rather much be gambling in a tavern with à girl on his knee.To me, this is what makes his character hilarious.
  2. One thing in this series that is really frustrating for me, i will never understand why RJ wrote the series like this. 1) Aviendaha. We get introduced to her in book 3, and books 4-5 she was amazing. Actually, she was my favorite girl character. Her and Rand together was hilarious and amusing. RJ then dumbs her rôle down to literally nothing, and she has pretty much ZERO interaction with Rand at all after book 6... Instead she becomes Elaynes sidekick for a book or two later on with no réal purpose in the series. I will never understand why hé created her such à badass and awesome character just to have her be pushed to the side and literally forgotten about.
  3. "Let the dragon ride again on the winds of time" is also my guess to the final sentence. I think it would be perfect but i have this vision that it'll be Loial writing his book and the way hé ends it in his thiughts while writing which in turn ends AmoL for us! Just pure speculation
  4. Funny, i was thinking about this the other day and was also going to make à thread. I wonder which langueges influenced the old tounge or if RJ did just create really good sounding giberish lol
  5. There will always be à new generation of posters i believe, many people on this site have been here for years, it was somewhere to share and discuss théories in between waiting for books. I'm brand new to the series (only just started my first re-read) and although i dont pertisipate in discussions offten, there will always be those new people that have just come across Eye of the World and want somewhere to discuss there thoughts or opinions etc So, even though after Amol comes out and maybe some long time posters move on, i think there will always be that "new wave" of WoT fans.
  6. Mat saying "seanchan-ness" just flat out pissed me off
  7. I agree with the OP. My first time reading this series i thought the exact same thing. The three ta'veren are child hood friends, grown up together, played together, laughed together, Got in trouble together etc .. you would think with there connection, also all 3 knowing there tied together to save the world, and the use of travelling specillly later on with the ashamen being involved they would talk/meet up more. After book , there never all in the same room again .. which is annoying when you think about it. They even have Mins viewing where when the three are together there sparks or light over come the darkness. You would think they would stat together and help eachother out with all this knolledge of what they are and what they must do.
  8. Just bought it off of Google Playstore on my Android. /Win
  9. I was getting this also last night, this morning it seems Google Books Canada & Mcnally have both removed the AmoL prologue....? oh the irony... *facepalm*
  10. lol, the way Masema died made me laugh my ass off, it just had the feel of Brandon Sanderson going ..."this stupid side plot needs to end" and just killed him off as quick as possible, i mean he got a quick Prologue death after being this annoyance practically throughout the whole series... hahahaha
  11. I'm sure this is has been brought up at some point, but i happened to just catch this myself for the first time on my re-read in Ch25 TDR pg294. Is it possible that these have any connection with Mats luck? at this point in the book the dice have been stolen by the black Ajah, Mat is in the tower. So is Lanfear, and they have a nice discussion in which Mat feels her channel a few chapters previous. Also, this is the book where Mats luck really starts to come out. Just a random thought, any other opinions? could there be a connection?
  12. I always picture Thom as Gandelf, long robes, huge beard...not sure why ...to late to change it, I like my description better anyway
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