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  1. So this was the replica I knew of, which was approved by Jordan, though I don't think it was meant to be Tam's sword, but rather the one from like the map logo. http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=500058 It has it's own issues, but is closer to how they're described (and uses more elements from historical sources, other than just the katana, which makes sense to me as Randland is a fusion of physical cultures).
  2. Maybe, maybe not. Some swords have had stuff like that as decorative elements, but I too pictured it as engraved into the blade. Also, is it not supposed to be present on the hilt? I mean he gets the heron's burned into his palms...sigh. There are lots of things that will have to be, and perhaps should be, altered for adaptation. But sticking to tangible and clearly described images, and symbolism of objects in the world should be one of the easy things. Like, you don't have to get the outfits right, or what colour cloak someone has, but an iconic sword? That should be right, y'know?
  3. Agreed. They highlight the text from the book, then ignore the line which mentions it has short braided quillons, ("Short quillons, worked to look like braids, flanked the hilt.") not a tsuba. As I recall it's also meant to come to a point, more like a Swiss sabre than a katana (at least that's how it's always been drawn). This is hardly unique, and though it looks pretty enough, it's just a katana, there are a billion of these, and most of them are generic knock off crap. Tam's sword was a more unique design, simply because you don't see crossguards on a slightly curved blade, with a long hil
  4. I still think animation is the way to go. The kind of effects that are needed to really sell the magic in WOT are magnitudes larger in scale than what was at play in GOT. And that's just the magic, the armies are bigger, the enemies are stranger (Trollocs, Fades, the entirety of the Seanchan's beasts) and more numerous, the scale of things (cities, the Tower, the World of Dreams) is just huge. Even with animation, it is a massive undertaking, but it's doable. And more importantly, it's doable at high quality. It's certainly possible to adapt WOT in live action, but I'm not sure it's possible t
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