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  1. When you start practicing the sword forms with your fireplace poker.....
  2. Started off with LotR then i went back to read the Hobbit and Silmarillion. I got hooked with LotR Strategy Battle Game and from then on i was a Tolkien fanatic...more people in the world speak Quenya than Irish! My older cousin who is also a WoT and Tolkien fanboy got me into WoT giving me a lend of the Eye of the World which got me hooked on them.Since them ive read the Runelords series, Inheritance, a Song of Ice and Fire, Terra Incognita, Sword of Truth and Malazan Book of the Fallen.
  3. hey, im new here on this site but not new to the wheel of time This is a question i presume we'll never get a complete answer to, but i just wanted to get it out there....was their dragons in the Age of Legends?? Ive always wondered also is the skeleton in the museum in Tanchico the skeleton of a dragon?
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