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  1. Nah ... re-reading this series is almost like going back into an MMO. Way too much of a time sink. Would probably take a month to re-read this entire series and with all these characters and such I would need a box full of Advil to keep the headaches at bay. I remember enough important details to know exactly what is going on in the final book. RJ did a ton of minor character building in the previous books, but as we have seen it was done unnecessarily. Brandon is not going back and even touching 90% of the minor characters described in these books or the conversations that those pe
  2. Well, it is hard for me to see, at this point, anyone dying. We have gone a long time without a major character even getting close to being killed, despite the freakin Chosen out there hunting most of them. We have had plenty " oooo this person is going to dieeee! " moments but never a " zomg I cannot believe they killed this character ! " I think the last time I felt anything like that was with Moraine. And now she is back .. soo ... I am not really sitting here waiting for anyone to die. Everyone will live happily ever after. I think the only character who has a real chanc
  3. I pretty much guessed how the opening of this book would play out. With the sacking of Caemlyn being the main thing we hear about and that event effecting the outcome of the big Meeting. How Elayne would find out about it and go rogue. I also predicted how Avi would show up during the meeting and tell everyone about how powerful the Seachan could become and how they will treat the Aiel. So far so good. I am predicting that Rand actually is forced to bow to the Empress, and not just because he is playing a game, but because he absolutely will need the power of the Seachan to win
  4. I'm really waiting to see just how accurate the prophecies of the Seachan really are. It seems like Tuon knew about Rand losing his hand and then she knew something about the coming eyesight issues Rand would have. It seems they have some accurate prophecies but just how accurate will they really be? Thats going to be a major thing I want to see unfold. I want to see what Rand is going to do once the truth about Taim is revealed and a majority of those in the Black Tower. Then that along with the attack on the White Tower may make him make difficult decisions, possibly resulting in him
  5. My mind keeps going back to the days of Ewgene being captured by the Seachan. You learn of their ways toward Aes Sedai very quickly and how they train them like you would a dog. The torturing and the baiting was pretty jarring. Especially when Min is running and you " hear Ewgene screaming ", only to run into Nynaeve right at that moment. Then the moment when Ewgene is freed and leaps onto her torturer and does the same to her. Strong and tense moment.
  6. The Seachan channeler's are hardened weapons. They are like starved and beaten Bulls. They are starved of the power so when they finally get the chance to use the power they don't even care what they end up doing they just drink it in like it is their last meal. Those two things combined make for one incredibly deadly combination. On the other hand, the Aiel wise one's are great warriors, but nothing really in comparison to the Seachan. Really the only match the Seachan have are the Asha'Man. They are basically trained the same way, except the Asha'man are free and not dogs on leashes
  7. Personally I think Androl is Logain. He has just been masking himself to be able to see exactly what is happening in the Tower and know that he senses the trouble and knows whats up, he is gathering his " army " and working to spring a trap.
  8. Yeah, I thought in Chapter 1 Rand is pretty much for sure that Demandred is the one behind the attack on Caemlyn. To break up this meeting, to divide the forces 1 at a time and take them out as they are weaker, etc. Oldest trick in the book indeed. Rand isn't falling for it, but I'm sure someone will. And then you have a new Chosen in Taim. Something tells me Taim is going to cause some major problems. The dude has an army of Dreadlords at this disposal! He is probably the most dangerous Chosen at this time.
  9. If the prologue is about the attack on Caemlyn I doubt it is still happening by Chapter 11. It is likely over by then. Also, Matt is not with Moraine or Thom, so that whole thing is over and done with. Which likely means, by this point the big meeting is over, the attack on the WT may have happened already and the demands of Rand are known to all. Moraine is likely with Rand and Thom at this point in the story. So Matt is likely going to this place to speak directly to his wife to see what he can fish out of her, or stop her altogether from continuing down this course. That is my
  10. The only thing that, I do not think anyway, that has been mentioned is the Ogier. Who knows? He could have turned some of them to the shadow and made a grand army full of violent and dark Ogier. That would be a site to see on the battlefield! Hey, anything is possible with the Forsaken.
  11. According to those visions the Aiel have a blood-feud with the Seachan. As I remember, since I read it recently, the Aiel continued to try and convince the Seachan to release the wise ones they were holding captive but it was always met with silence. So after a year and a day, it all became a blood-feud. And in the Aiel world, that means War is already at hand, so the killing of that patrol was pretty much just business as usual. Throughout you do see a shift in the ideals of Ji'e'toh and all that, but the means to the end is something Avi already see's occuring. The capturing of Wise
  12. The Hunger Games - The DO's victory over everyones worst fear ... fighting hungry. Something the DO has been working at for what, 7 books now.
  13. When it comes to Callandor. Why doesn't Avi simply try and identify the object? As for that 3rd object being a dreamspike. No way. That is in a dagger's sheath. No way you put a dreamspike in something like that. 0% chance in my mind of that being a dreamspike.
  14. Couldn't the destruction of the Ferry be simply the way the world is headed? It could have been the taint, or the people in that area could of abandoned the place and used the wood for fires during their travels. Everyone is feeling the pull, and as the other lines of the opening show ... most people KNOW it is the end and are either too hungry to care or simply wandering to the north somewhere.
  15. I don't think this series ends with this book to be honest. Too much shown in Avi's future for the last battle to be IT. Unless they lose or Rand dies. But. even then, you could have future books about the war against the Seachan. And tbh, the Seachan are far more powerful then even the armies of the DO have shown so far. They have hundreds, possibly thousands of well trained people who can channel just begging to be loosed on the world. Right now the only thing holding the Seachan back is well ... the last battle. Once that is over, they will want to conquer everything, which is
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