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  1. Ha ha, I've changed my vote from "other" to Aviendha now!
  2. Favourite male character: Talmanes Favourite female character: Avi
  3. Leane is captured by Demandred and we see nothing more of her faith until she suddenly turns up on the battlefield of Merrilor. How did she escape?
  4. Ta! That's what I thought. And the rest of the rebels believe it true and are thus not lying.
  5. Did the Red Ajah really aid Logain and convince him to proclaim himself the Dragon Reborn. Or is this a blatant lie from Siuan (now that she can lie)? If they did, who were in on it? The prologue of ACoS makes it very clear that Elaida wasn't part of it.
  6. Perrin could fight any of the Forsaken in TAR, though ... Not saying that it will happen, but it could.
  7. I have a soft spot for Tylin Quintara Mitsobar: Smart, friendly, sexy, pushy (I like to be bossed around - just ask my missus), loyal, mature (I couldn't stand being married to one of the childish super girls). And as Mat says: “That woman has more hands than any six women I ever met.”
  8. I'd be tempted to go for Far Madding. Very low crime rates, not really involved in wars with their neighbors, flourishing trade, beautifully situated in the middle of a lake, etc. ... And since I can't channel, I'd feel safe and cozy knowing no one else could either.
  9. The "vampire problem" should be quite common among the Aiel. Their channelers don't lock themselves up in a tower ... Amy's should, for instance, outlive Rhurac by far and see him age while she stays young. However, I have a feeling that the Aiel have a fairly rational view on these sort of things. The Wise Ones who can channel probably stay with their husbands until they die of old age and then simply find themselves a new man to love and wed.
  10. no Rhuarc and Berelain kind of adopted each other, Amys even went as far as to give her the daughters kiss or whatever I had the impression that Berelain tried her seducing skills on Rhuarc, but he (or someone else) nipped it in the bud pretty quickly and effectively. It never says it, but there's something in they're early dialog that seemed to hint at it. I don't have quotes. Rhurac made it quite clear to her (possibly in a physical way) in the Stone of Tear that he wouldn't tolerate her flirting with him. It's mentioned in LoC - or at least alluded to.
  11. I'm on my first and last re-read at the moment. I usually never re-read books, but I want to refresh my memory for the final book. I'm just about to finish LoC, so will have to slow down a bit to time it better with the release. As to the question in the OP: I might visit while reading the last book and I will probably pop in every now and then afterwards if there's something I want to look up or some questions bothering me. But I certainly don't see myself visiting this site in a year. There are other books to read and other websites to explore.
  12. Very good points, mate! I'm just on LoC on my first re-read, so I tend to forget to take stuff that will happen later in the series into account. I had totally forgotten that there's such a big period of time between the Last Battle and the Seanchan war in Avi's vision. That does indeed leave room for a lot of changes - both in Randland and among the Aes Sadai and among the Seanchans.
  13. That's a good and well thought out post. I have a few issues with it, though. Let's see if I've gotten this quoting function right ;-) I don't agree on this. The Seanchan have a much more organised way of looking for potential channelers than the Aes Sadai. It is said that there are more Aiel channalers than Aes Sadai- I expect this to be true of the Seanchan as well - they simply don't allow anyone with the spark to slip through their net. That's assuming a unified Randland, which is very far from the truth. If they can't stop their internal bickering to fight the Dark One, how will they be able to unify to fight the Seanchan invaders? And how many Randland armies and Randland channelers will be left over after the last battle? The Damane are trained for battle. The Aes Sadai aren't.
  14. Mik, that's hitting the nail on the head. That's precisely what's bugging me as well.
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