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  1. In my humble opinion, OP, you're not looking at the situations above with deep enough scrutiny. Everyone has reasons and motivations for why they do or don't do something. This is just my interpretation, and as such, is subject to glorious ridicule by the community. [This post contains spoilers]
  2. Um, I'm pretty sure Mat told him without knowing it. Remember that "Jasin Natael" grilled him while he was sitting against that wagon wheel with the cask of warm ale.
  3. Just finished with the audiobook tonight. Kramer and Reading are definitely the right people to record this audio. Things I liked about this book -The book Things I didn't like about this book -The willingness of people at DM to break their own fourth wall. Seriously. Shame on you people. Sit back and enjoy the damn story already. Why did you buy it if you already knew you wouldn't like it?
  4. That might have been THE funniest scene for me in the entire series to date. It could be because Michael Kramer did such a great job with it also, but I usually rewind it five or so times every time I come across it. Edit: I just went back to it, and I don't know if we're talking about the same scene: TGS 20 when explaining the "dice game" with blank dice.
  5. Regardless of who has said what, we should all realize that there is more to this kind of decision than meets the eyes. There are distributors hunting for a larger share of the market, and willing to illegally fix prices to do so. There could be both contract-based and non-contract-based bonuses for getting on the NYTBSL. Not only so they can put the little gold sticker on the cover, but because certain non-bookstore retailers only carry the NYT top 10, like truck stops, small department stores and other small businesses. That drives additional printings and wholesale sales. There's another argument to be made that the industry success metrics may not count certain types of sales because they aren't up with the modern times, or simply don't have the resources to get accurate counts. Contracts could have clauses for bonuses, penalties, or any other number of consequences built upon these metrics. Billboard had to change when iTunes came out to allow digital sales metrics to have equal weight with hard copy sales and radio airplay, and had to cut some kind of deal to get Apple to release that information to them. They probably also had to fight with hard copy publishers and distributors to do it. Video games are going through similar problems right now because the independent companies that compile sales metrics for stockholders don't have any way to accurately count digital sales. If you buy a game straight from the developer or publisher, they don't have to release those sales numbers to anyone, it's private info. There's no end to the ways companies deal behind closed doors, and we only see what our fan-boy eyes want to see; that our beloved IP may not be in the specific format that we like on release day. Keep that in mind.
  6. ZOMG a Chuck Mangione reference. I thought Only me and marching band geeks knew of this guy! Also: Laughed my ever-loving butt off!
  7. To continue along Pandemonium's line of thought, I think The Eye of The World is something more than Saidin. I think it's the opposite of the True Power. It's the Creator's version of the True Power. The links or cables of power can easily be explained as the links to the Creator and the Dark One that are acquired through access to the "Super" Powers, also allowing communication with either invisible leader. The "veins of gold" give him current access to it, allowing him to accomplish bigger feats without needing to use the True Power.
  8. Mine: Hangover humor (David Eddings was great at this as well). Mat's "Dice and Women" rant. And any time Mat's checking out a serving girl after he's married... for Talmanes...
  9. The nature of Mjolinir might have been a rare occurance. PowerWrought weapons? Okay, but Mjolinir is spesial, based on the level of effort and exhaustion involved, It almost read as though Perrin himself was linked to niald, like niald really only knew what to do because perrin was reaching out to him, and to the hammer. Can't remember the exact line, but there is subsequent mention made of spears or something being Power-wrought in camp? Obviously Mjolnir is a special case, but the precedent is there now and I'd imagine full use will be made of it. ETA sorry about that, should have read all of the posts before I returned.
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