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  1. Gay? No. More like the nerdiest nerd. Complete with glasses, but they create weird glares when the flash goes off. We've never met, right? That is almost exactly what I would be like... ..except this. I much prefer Water to anything Earth-y. Maybe a crashing wave, or a cloud. ...or the OP, whatever you want to call it. Of course. Every person has good posts, and bad posts. Even if he doesnt regret it, a lynching would not be in order.
  2. The only good that could come from a movie is an increese in the fan base. And even that is a two edged sword: we would get some really good people, who ask thought prevoking questions, and several that seem to know all the answers (so that Luckers and RAW can take a break). But we would also get several generaly unplesent people (I'm trying to be politicly correct, here), so that one almost fears to read the threads for fear of being insulted (not that any of us ever alows ourselves to be insulted :P). The movie itself would have to be a let down, simply because RJ's world is so extreeml
  3. That is awsome. One thing though: shouldn't the "utilities" be purchesable (i like to make up words, can you tell?). Not that those ones really are...
  4. This is more humorous answers than any real thinking, but there are some good points as well.
  5. Brigitte says it right after she comes up on Avi and Min in the hall. Relevant parts emphisized
  6. It really has very little, if any, to do with either of the bargains. Anyone who irritates an AS (a real one, not one of the wonder girls) to that extreem has to be the most arrogant race there is. Even the Wise Ones respect, and are respected by the AS. But the Sea Folk......well. And while you could argue that they only started being cocky after the agreements were made, think on this: how many Sea Folk do we have prolonged contact with before that? Answer: none. The biggest part any had played up to that point was carrying Elayne ans Nyn to Tanchico, and most of that journey was skippe
  7. Oh, come on. None of Forsaken are messed up enough to be politicians.
  8. In order to make the argument I plan on making, I have to explain what I believe the Healing of the served is like. What Nyneve did sounds, to me, more like tying a weave into place to help the saidar along. In fact, that is the only thing that makes sense. We know, from WH and other sources, that saidin and saidar mix not at all; in fact, the repel one another. This, to me, is why it is necessary to have a member of the opposite channeling group ( I'd say sex, but there are exceptions to that rule) Heal a severed channler. A weave of saidin will connect the channler to saidar, but
  9. They certainly could, and probably would; except that after they get that far along, they can't weave anything. The exact quote is such: relevant quote emphasised But I imagine that she will have a few harsh words for Rand the next time she sees him. Most women do, for the man that impregnates them. The next question is, "What is the Healing equivalent to anesthetics?"
  10. It is possible that after Taim was "rescued" by the BA, they took him to SG, where he was killed. Then Ishy was put in his body. NOt very likly, though. We know of a link between Mordin and Rand. It sometimes allows them to se eachother's face, and feel the other's emotions. I think Rand would have noticed if he had some weird connection with Taim. Plus, Ishy is more of a puppet master, like Dem, taking an active hand when he thinks it nessisary, which is more often than Dem. Taim, however, is very blatent about everything. Not much finness there. Certinly not enough to be Mordin.
  11. Where was it stated that we are living in the Fisrt Age? Or is this just an all-but-povren theory?
  12. Isn't it possible to "rip" the control of a circle away from someonezzzzzzZ? Painful, but possible. And though Egwene is stubborn to a fault, she isn't stupid. She would make sure that those leading the circles are onse she trust. And if she couldn't, she would have at leasat two AS in each to reduce the chances of it being controled by a BA.
  13. Just a randome thought. What is Rand is on the other side of the Bore when it is re-seald, however that happens. It dosn't really fit with any of the info we have, but it is still a minute possibility. Like I said, random thought.
  14. What, you never took Underwater Basket-Weaving 101? I would expect the two be be very similar. All joking aside though (not really), I always think of it as more of a braiding of several Threads. some of the more complex weaves (Verin's compulsion) to bee similar to a very intricate knot of Threads. PS. At the risk of sounding cliche: there are no stupid questions, or questions askers. There are only stupid answerers (is that even a word?...oh well).
  15. Only when they can start raising them. It makes one wonder wether they will raise some from novice almost immediately to AS, with a brief (only about six months) layover as an Accepted. They are going to need as many competent sisters as they can get for TG, and fast raisings have happend before, durring the Trolloc Wars, and TG is much bigger than that.
  16. It must have been a hippie resort then. Where else would you find more than one frisbe with a yin-yang on it?
  17. Bach, Beethoven, ect. all wrote entertainment for their respective times. Technology has been far advanced since them. For the entertainment and such avaliable today, Williams is THE master.
  18. I tried to think of other movies with really good scores, but it was late, and none of his came to mind. I went and added him to the lise, along with a few others.
  19. LOL I'd have to go with Asmodean, pre-Ruhidian. Not entierly sure why, except we're both artists in our own rights. Of cource, if I could remain Asmo for more than a day (quite a bit more), I could find out who killed me...........
  20. Something that you all seem to be ignoring: Lan =\= Aragorn Maliker =\= Gondor Sure, RJ used alot of Tolkins ideas (what fantasy writer hasn't?), including an "exiled" king. But that plot resolution will not be the same betwen the books. Amen
  21. It's the only way to go for the epic that any WoT based film/show would be. George Lucas made sure of that. But there are several really good movie score composers who jump immediately to my mind. - John Williams (Star Wars, Harry Potter, 2004 Olympic Theme, ect. A Musical genius. Definitely the BEST there is) - Steve Jablonsky (Transformers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre(s)) - Howard Shore (LOTR) - Hans Zimmer (the last two Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Kingdom of Heaven, ect.) - Alan Silvestri (The Polar Express, Night at the Museum, Van Helsing, The Mummy Returns, and o
  22. Is it possible that MS actually took off with a part of Fain's soul, or what little was left of it. I'm refering specificly to the part that allows him to track Rand. We see in tGH that MS was waiting for Rand a two different waygates. ONce might have been coincidence, especialy as it was the gate that Fain had just been through, but two gates? Sure, Rand's ta'vernness could have altered chance dramaticly, but wouldn't it have done so when he wen't through the ways the first time, as well. Plus, it was trying to escape the ways, and get to Rand. Just bouncing theories arownd.
  23. http://encyclopaedia-wot.org:8008/items/stasis_box.html That's all I know. And I can't imagine that any other place would have more.
  24. Let me point out what you yourself wrote: emphasis added So couldn't what Rand did constitute as severing? Especialy as you go on to say: Sorta contradicting yourself, huh? True, they could have just overexerted themselves trying to counter Rand, but RJ wrote it thus: It reads more like a ruthless attack on something Spiritual, like their link to saidar, than something physical, which is the only thing they could guard against using the Power, assuming that they were bound by the Three Oaths. If he wasn't threatening their lives, they couldn't use the Power
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