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  1. Water and Shade: Today, of all days... http://t.co/Qhx7PjQ

  2. Going to Arms and the Man at Frontier Cinema on Thu, Oct 21? http://zvents.com/e/9iGST/2j

  3. Can I put two? Too bad, I'm gonna anyway. The first actually comes from the site itself, shortly after I joined. In response to something I had posted, one person was being a jerk. Completely unbidden, several other members, people who I didn't know, and who didn't know me, came to my defense. Not tearing the other down, but instead, building me up. That's really what I remember best. The wonderful people, who can disagree and argue over the tiniest details, but still stand together as one. The second is, of course, when I got the e-mail from Virginia saying, in fine, "Thanks fo
  4. RT @PhrozenFear: just finished a great interview for @4thage with Team Jordan's Alan R and Maria S.

  5. If you can't get it from @brandonsanderson's site: The Seven Striped Lass http://tinyurl.com/2eaxlfx #wotgh

  6. RT @BrandonSandrson: Clue # 2 to location of the final code: "My aged grandmother!" #wotgh

  7. RT @tordotcom: Hurray to @BrandonSandrson! The Way of Kings hits #7 on the NYTimes bestseller list!

  8. Well, "The Third Compact" is *not* in fact a #wotgh clue. Perhaps I should have gotten through all the tweets before I started guessing?

  9. Is it clothing that's sexy, or the absence of it?
  10. If they never leave the Tower, that might be true. But the Oaths aren't for the Tower, they are for everybody the Tower might want to manipulate. Without the Oaths, no one would trust the AS, and the Tower's overall meddling powers would practically disappear. The Oaths are just a way of saying to the world "Look! We're not bad guys! Let us tell you how to run everything!" And with the obvious exception of the Children, it seems to be working. Maybe if it was more like this: "....and to never forsake any Oath I have mad, except in the presence of the Amrylin Seat." T
  11. I'm almost the newest here! I started reading them the summer KoD came out. I can't remember the actual year, just that I was worried about having to wait for the next book, only o find it on the Library self. My WOW moments are anywhere that a character goes through an intense emotion. It just all seems more real then. The example that sticks out most is when Perrin find out his whole family is dead. I always cry along with him. and I'm not afraid to admit it!
  12. Not enough nose.... and just a bit short, IMO.
  13. Just a possiblility. We know that the Waste is all but defenceless. All the Aiel armies followed Rand. So if the Trollocs attack the Waste there would be no one to protect the women and children that got left behind. Maybe, just maybe, the Shaido get back too the Waste just in time to save it.
  14. I've always envisioned the WoT "Universe" as an existence inside a protective bubble of some type, which floats around a higher plain of existence. For some reason, after the Creator made this world (and possibly this happens on others of his creations as well), the DO comes and tried to either take control of the existence, or just remove it entirely. The Creator placed a protection around it to keep ALL outside interference out which is why he won't take a hand (keep reading). Lanfear created a hole in this "bubble", and let the DO come in, just a bit. He has been working to widen
  15. Yes, and it would cause the pattern to unravle. The theory I agree with most is that LTT's Patch is in the way of the pattern fixing itself. Not that my opinion matters all that much.
  16. I'd like to see the all of RJs original notes for the entire series compiled into some form of encyclopedia. Not like the BWB where they are put in an easier to read format, but HIS actual notes, that HE made. An a CD, or tape of all his recorded notes as well.
  17. Mesaana cannot go parading arownd as herself. Danelle was already an AS before the forsaken were freed. All Mesaana did take her spot. Otherwise, she would have to compell every last AS, otherwise one might start to wonder where this new AS came from.
  18. From the Dragonmount FAQ: I'm guessing Egeanin.
  19. There wern't any DF in the AoL. It was a utopiean socity. Now, I could be wrong, but I don't think it is possible to tie off a Travling weave. Not sure about that, though. And it would be esier to have several AS who just open up gateways to whereever the non-channler needs it to be. Some form of super efficiant Public Transit, or the like.
  20. He was spun out in TFoH, and since then, no more than a year, probably less, has gone by. Besides which, we have RJ's words on the topic.
  21. Exept that we know that they can be destroyed. Rand lost his Dad's at Falme.
  22. "Blasted shadowspawn! They go right to my hips." :P :D
  23. What does that have to do with it? Just because were band-geeks doesn't mean that we are more sensitive to the music we listen to. Does it? Going by the Amazon samples, the music is very well done. Not quite what I had in mind for WoT, but still good music, imo. Except track 11. I was under the assumption that the soundtrack didn't have anything to do with the game. I seem to remember an add of some sort for it in the back of the first few books (the first copies I read, gotten from the library). I only found out about the vg after I had read book 10, and went looking f
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