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  1. This is great! Where can we find the whole interview with Brandon, Harriet and Michael?
  2. Oh wow. There's so much..... I'm going to have to go with the last Lan and Nynaeve scene in The Shadow Rising: "If you die, I will not survive you long." Call me dense - because I am - but it was the first time realized the relationship between them.
  3. It's all over but the shouting. And the ripping. And squeeling. And whailing, and nashing of teeth. Will go to bed eventually. Now, though: Bones. What? It's Christmasy. Isn't it?

  4. Watching the newer Grinch movie. It's different than the movie. More than commercial breaks have been added.

  5. Watcing the sweet little one while Mom, Dad and Tara go shopping. Also: using a borrowed iPod Touch. Is interesting...

  6. BTW, that last was refering to the "Live Angry Birds" sketch.

  7. Okay, that was actually entertaining. #sunnyinphillidelphia #VGAs

  8. Just finished listening to @MediaOutsiders "Zombie" episodes. I now have a pressing urge to obtain large quantities of tin foil....

  9. Ok, @howardtayler, just who's going to tell Doc and Rev that they were already married before the whole mind wipe thing? @Schlock #todaysduh

  10. Snow isn't as pretty in bright sunlight. It's more depressing, actually..... strange, huh?

  11. Beautiful, snowy weather happening now. But I learned something yesterday: Snow isn't as pretty in bright sunlight. It's more depressing, actually..... strange, huh?

  12. I recall someone posting that Robert Jordan told it was Ingtar. Do not remember the exact thread. Direct quote: Found using the Theoryland Interview Database: bit.ly/wotinterviews , under "Fain and all things Shadar Logoth"
  13. I hope I'll be better able to actually discuss it tomorrow morning. @4thAge #TofM

  14. I agreed with almost everything in your review except that I LOVE the new (old?) Rand.
  15. I think the Broken Wolf is Iturlde. I think that Ituralde could be the Broken Wolf, but probably isn't. Also, I'm surprised nobody has theorized that Fortuona (or the entire Seanchan Empire) could be the "First Among Vermin." Ravens are vermin, and ravens are the symbol of the Seanchan Empire. It could also refer to Mat as he is/was Prince of the Ravens (first among ravens/vermin). Still, I do think the First Among Vermin is likely Rand, but we can't forget the Seanchan. Finally, let's all not forget that the Dark Prophecy hasn't actually been fulfilled yet. It should be
  16. Hmmm... Reminds me of a certain @squidlord I know..... http://bit.ly/9Qi8Po

  17. via @dragonmount: The @4thAge podcast will return soon. Thanks for your patience. Past episodes: http://bit.ly/4thAgeArchive

  18. For a chance to win #wot book 1, or 1&2, follow @Stormblessed and tweet #let-the-dragon-ride-again-on-the-winds-of-time Ends 10/23

  19. 10:17 pm - New baby brother entered this world. Details (and pics!) to follow.

  20. FB RT: Just remember, everything happens for a reason. So when I smack you upside the head, remember... I had a reason!

  21. .@glindsey212 That's actually not what I'm doing, although it is getting worked on. I'm getting them on the forums.

  22. .@howardtayler I blame you for my constant mid-reading of "Sherlock" #yesitcomesoutschlock.

  23. RT @RandyTayler: Curious to know more about Mormons, but not done with 12-course breakfast? Watch from home! http://bit.ly/ldsconf2010 #ldsconf

  24. Wow. Thanks everyone. Had a GREAT b-day. And it keeps getting better!!

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