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  1. For me many of the relationships are immature and forced just like mine were when I was a teen. Remember most of these ppl are very young and nothing turns on young people like the thought they are going to die. Think of all the weddings that took place when WW1 and WW2 started. That's the way I think of these relationships. Having said that I really think Mat and Tuon are the best relationship. I think it's funny and fairly well portrayed. As for Rand and the gang it's a story line that has always rubbed me the wrong way. These strong, intelligent women all agree to share him??? I just find it hard to believe. How ling would they really put up with it. But for the sake of the story maybe it's essential that the Dragon has ancestors among both the Aiel and the Wetlanders.
  2. But what of the flaw in Callandor? Surely that would make it too dangerous to be used as a buffer? I seem to remember that the flaw increases the taint or something. Maybe it's different now that Saidin Is cleansed. Also who would be the two women in the circle and the one circle controlling Callandor?
  3. I read it a long time ago and I think I will have to read it again. I had been a big Stephen King fan for a long time, but for some reason never was interested in reading the DT series. When I finally did read the DT series it was interesting to keep seeing familiar characters from the other novels I had read and found this very enjoyable. I kept waiting to see more "old friends". My fav character would be Roland and Mia hehehehe
  4. Kati

    First ever DM Band!

    If I had any talent at all I'd put my hand up. But since I don't, I'll just sit in the corner :)
  5. Kati

    Heavy Metal?

    I think part of the reason ACDC was still successful after Bon Scott died was that they went for a different type of singer so there was none of that comparison. Brian Johnson is ery different in look, sound, style and charisma. So I think Nightwish did the right thing.
  6. I can clap real good. Also have been playing the triangle since the age of 5... Seriously, I dont have the commitment to learn an instrument so I really admire people who do. Well done :)
  7. Kati

    Heavy Metal?

    Is this better? BTW Blasphemy! Metallica is Metal!!! :)
  8. Kati

    Heavy Metal?

    I liked Pantera for a long time, love the "classics" such as Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica etc. Although some would say Metallica aren't that heavy anymore doesnt mean they are not Metal anymore. There are so many characteristics and lables in Metal such as Thrash, Death etc Check this out :)
  9. There's a second season???? Oh Lord. I really enjoyed Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon. I would say the first Arthur book was Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory Thats about my knowledge on the subject
  10. Hmmm you have all just given me an idea for my next Tattoo! I cant believe I never thought of it before.
  11. Kati

    Entering Other Worlds

    I like the idea of entering other worlds through "doorways" or "portals". I think because it seems like the coolest way and you dont need special powers to do it.
  12. Ok panic is over - I got it from Angus & Robertson Blacktown in Sydney. Apparently some stores have it and some dont. So phone around.
  13. OK have rung everywhere in Sydney (almost) and have been told that it wont be published until Nov 3. The date has been pushed back... again.
  14. It still sucks! If anyone in Australia actually has a copy in their hot little hands please tell us where you got it! On second thought, if anyone in Australia has a copy why would they be online and not reading it?
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