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  1. It isn't actually that unlikely, I believe that even in the AoL that the making of Ter'Angreal and Angreal, and especially Sa'Angreal was a talent all its own, and took a fair amount of knowledge to create. And of all of the forsaken, Greandal really was possibly the only one who could make them what with her being a researcher and all. And I agree with the idea that at least with a Ter'Angreal such as the medallion which cancels out all weaves directed at it that it would have to have been made by saidin and saidar working in tandum, one would simply not be enough. Do I recall a time when Elayne tried to unravel a gate and the whole freaking thing exploded in her face and nearly killed everyone around her? Haha, silly queen, tricks are for Aiel. Warrior
  2. This actually makes it more complicated because technically a dreamer does not have to be a channeler, as revealed by the wise ones, it just takes the tralent and training. I believe at one point or another one of the Aes Sedai said that it was not a thing of the power as well. I could be wrong, it has been a while. And as we know, you do not necessarily dream into the place where you fell asleep.......interesting interesting. Warrior
  3. Has anyone given any thought as to when Nyneave miraculously cured that one asha'man of his madness that was caused by the taint? When she delved rand and noticed the black spikes in his mind except where there had been tens of them in the other guy, he had hundreds, maybe thousands? He had not used the power for very long before it was cleansed, does the link with moridin, his concurrent use of the TP, and possibly moridins CONSTANT use of the TP have anything to do with it do you think? What does his apparent madness mean for the future? And the light streaming out from his mind fighting off the dark spikes means that some how he is still in contest with the GL... I want to see where this leads us. Also, if we recall when Rand severed Asmodean from the DO, is this sort of the same power that nyneave has discovered for herself, or could she possibly use this in the future the way rand had against the forsaken themselves? I want to recall for a moment a previous post on this thread, that possibly moridin/isha may come to repent their ways, because I mean as much as Rand is connected to moridin and exhibiting some of his characteristics, moridin is doing the same thing yes? This has been evidenced ever since the connection became apparent (which by the way I knew would happen when their balefire crossed paths in Aridhol, does this maybe allude to a trait of balefire that we do not understand as of yet?). I guess we will just have to wait and see. Warrior
  4. we do know that you cannot enter a stedding in TAR. There is a comment in the books that there are certain places one cannot enter in TAR, being Stedding, Rhuidean (before Rand and Asmo trash the place), the blight, and I don't remember if there were others. Yeah, I think that somewhere in the books it was mentioned that steddings could not be Accessed in TAR...obviously it wasn't explained why, either due to the power being absent and unattainable in a stedding and therefore outside of the pattern itself or what who knows. But what about the blight? I didn't know that it was not reachable via TAR, and if it isn't than it is for an entirely different reason than the steddings. Possibly due to the dark ones touch being so prevalent there, but the blight is DEFINITELY in their plane of existence so that is up to debate, especially because it was not always the blight.... and the mist surrounding rhuidean was a protection probably established by a ter'angreal of some sorts, which would mean that the power of the item somehow reached through to TAR....interesting interesting, I doubt RJ left any plot holes though so these are things that have real effects, we just don't know what they are. Possible Q&A with BS after final books is realeased? I know it is too much to hope for but at some point I really hope that RJ's notes will be put out to the public in some fashion to unravel some of the many mysteries that exist in our beloved Randland. Peace and Love Warrior.
  5. Hey there everyone, new here at DM and just wanted to briefly introduce myself. You can call me Bee, or the Warrior whichever is fine. I am 19 and a student at Cal State Long Beach in SO-CAL USA, studying international affairs and theater (odd combination at first glance, but they fit hand in hand at a closer study). I have loved these books ever since I first began the adventure that would carry me through my last year of high school through the end of my first year of college. High fantasy runs in my blood, my father passed down some of the first novels I ever read and concurrently fell in love with thereafter, and have probably outread him by now haha. My favorite wheel of time book is probaby tDR or tPoD....favorite characters are Nyneave, Egwene, and Verin for reasons that are a mystery even to myself. So go on, pop me a question if anyone cares to, I will be honest and forthcoming if anyone cares to put me to the question...just the leave the CotL out of it please (I don't like pain). Warrior~ PS-If anyone wants to make me an awesome siggy that would be greatly appreciated and I would love you forever!
  6. I think that we all may be looking a bit too much into this. Couldn't "the one who follows after" just be a loyal follwer or Rands? I mean, like a second in command kind of thing... Anyway, on a side note, weaving in the world of dreams isn't the same as weaving in reality, and for most people is not even possible unless you are just that powerful....but that doesn't leave a lot of people out in the books now does it? Haha. I forget what happened to Narishma in the books right now myself, so I don't have a huge foundation to speak on but I always liked him and felt him trustworthy. To be honest, the only question I have ever wanted answered succinctly was what the f**k happened to Asmodean. He was my favorite character >.>.... poor guy. Also, I want to see where Nyneaves newly aquired skill takes her (the ability to cure madness, or at least ones caused by a non-biological source), and what happens with Fain, as he seems to be just as much as an antagonist as the Dark One himself, only instead of the antithesis of the creator, fain is the embodiment of the darkness in men's hearts. Lovely stuff innit?
  7. I don't know how I feel about this exactly....I don't believe that Mat would ever even TRY to be a claimant to the throne of Seanchan. At the same time as much as he is an outlander and such, so was Hawking, and the damane comment could end up defunct because I have a very firm belief that Tuon will eventually learn how to channel whether she wants to at not. I feel like somewhere at some time I read something that alluded to her being another one of the "most powerful" (quotes because there seem to be a lot of those nowadays). Hmmm, this deserves a contemplative hunch and a beard stroke if I do say so myself. I will think on it. OH, and not that it belongs in this thread, but I just started re-reading the series...there is a portion in The Eye of the World, in rands first dream with Sight Blinder where he talks about manipulating Hawking when he went over to Seanchan that said something like he ruined things back then and set up something to ruin rand in this age...I think he was talking about how he changed the prophecies to read that The Draon would bow before the Seanchan throne, instead of vice versa which is the truth of the matter. Just thought that was interesting, I didn't catch it my first time through the books. This is old news but I just caught it and laughed.
  8. This is how I am seeing things pan out. Obviously Rand will have to make a decision about what to do with him, but it will be Logain who eventually wipes him out (training with the forsaken or no haha). Logain is one BAMF and he will prove that with Taim's destruction :). I love Logain's faction in the BT, they are so endeering and loveable!!
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