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  1. I have to say, Semirhage is cool, but she comes no way near the absolutely awesome Demandred. True Moridin is all powerful, but Demandred, never seems to be in awe of him. Yup, i agree with HawksHead, Demandred has always been in control. He's probably got this Nae'Blis thing under control, he's just waiting for Moridin/Ishy, to get killed again :twisted:
  2. Yes, acorns would hurt quite a lot I would probably take my shadow along with me, some dancing girls, dice, and my copy of the travels of Jain Farstrider, it is probably my best travel guide to Randland.
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys... I might just pop in to Fiddlesticks like Danya suggested...
  4. True. I also agree with demonspawn. The Lord of Chaos actually being a person (Rand in this case) does indeed look like a flawed theory. What do you think Taim has got in store for Rand this time? By saying "Let the Lord of Chaos rule" it can't be anything good for Rand...
  5. Hi, i'm the latest newbie... The name's Jak o'the Shadows, but u can call me Jak. Hope to make a valuable contribution to DM. PS. May sweet beginnings bring sweet endings, here's to aMoL... Hope to here from u guys soon.
  6. Hi, i'm new here... If Rand's the Lord of Chaos, he's doing a pretty good job about it. I mean,look at what happened to the White Tower, the dragonsworn's rioting and the mess with the Seanchan... Maybe Rand won't be the one to win the Last Battle, after all. It may be someone else, an unknown hero...
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