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  1. Dear Wilson, I remember only too well your regular updates about Robert Jordan and am greatly saddened to hear that you too have to face a terrible disease. I wish you all the very, very best. I am lucky; I have successfully (fingers crossed) fought off lymphoma in the past, twice. I hope that you too will be lucky, whether that be through the skills of your oncology team, the grace of God, or your own resilience. My thoughts and sincere prayers for you and your family. Marek in London
  2. Damer, Th way I see it Jason has in fact done RJ, and us, an important service. He has, in effect, been a beta-tester. Thanks to him, and others, OUR experience of AMOL may well be better than it otherwise would have been. I have been looking forward to AMOL as much as anyone and do not begrudge him the fact that he has already read it. Perhaps HIS experience will turn out to be less good, because he has had to point out things that just weren't quite right. For myself, I would put up with another 6 months wait, just as long as this final chapter does Robert Jordan proud and the whole Wheel
  3. Hi Jason As has already been written by many others, your letter to RJ moved me greatly. The Wheel of Time is I think one of the greatest literary works out there; not because it is faultless, but because of its humanity.The characters live and breath, they are our friends. RJ died way too soon, but his passing allowed Brandon to take up his mantle, thus again allowing an ending to become a beginning. I am looking forward to AMOL, but with the bittersweet knowledge that RJ will never write the "outrigger" novels he promised, not the "Infinity of Heaven" series he planned. But...but the WOT
  4. I'm afraid that I really did not like Bakker's work at all. I bought and read all three parts of the Prince of Nothing trilogy and my final conclusion was "what a waste of time, money and quite simply life". The prose was heavy, the plot overcooked, but most damningly of all there was not a single character about whom I cared. Bakker seems to believe that everything has to be dark, miserable and lacking in any degree of hope or joy. Perhaps others may enjoy the degree of cynicism and nastiness in these books, but for me this was a turn off. I tried, I really tried (hence the purchase of al
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