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  1. i like it. its not the best written one, but for pure scope and gravitas i think it is the best. plus its an ending (of sorts ;) ), finally. i didnt like the cheese of 'the flame of tar valon'. also egwene's rants get reptitive. we get it your the amyrylin...
  2. agreed. but im still doubtful every single one was mentioned.
  3. agreed. narishma theories didnt bear fruit, gross misinterpretation on that particular line. had him lined up going against demandred in my head.
  4. its hard to make a conclusive list of all propheciies/ dreams, but i thought they missed some though i was expecting it as there were so many. the only one i felt bad about was the twice dawning day as i felt it would have more significance with regards to rand dying and living again. in my tiny brain i was eexpecting a time loop or or at least a meaningful eclipse with consequences. rands new "powers" are exaplined. though there will never bee enough depth for everyone. you learn more than we ever have about the creator and DO. one of the new memories provides a decent clue if i remember rightly. the seanchan agreed to release women who did not want to remain collared, though presumably the issue of damane eventualy becoming habituated will be an iissue. i dont remember anything specifically mentioning shaiido wise ones.
  5. enough of us have obsessed over these books for a very long time, ive never seen a post or a theory re balefire being revsered. i hope you are right, but if you are if must have been very very well hidden, bordering on invisible...
  6. it doesn't help that we aren't really sure as to what she did. i have no problem with egwene discovering things on her own, however balefire has always been portrayed as the omega of weaves. she discovered a get out clause. a new weave that had no forshadowing and thankfully solves the light's impending problems. reminiscent (and please dont lynch me) of the deathly hallows. as far as a literary device goes, this is a particularly weak one.
  7. i felt it was a slow starter, the prologue, chapter 1,2 and 3 not really starting much off. as this was the last book i started to resent these chapters as not much was happening and it meant there less space for the rest. i suspose this is a consequence of them being pre release material, but it just seemd like a waste of words. a little less androl and a little more epilogue would have suited more. i enjoyed fains death, but thought more would have been made of the 'different type of evil' that he encompassed, i thought his absence in the preceeding books combined with his lack of page time demeans him as a character. moridin was a bit of a wet fish. worst naeblis ever... possibly the worst name for a weave ever, 'flame of tar valon'. im not sure how i feel about the ending. the books seem to present themselves as a contradiiction with regrds to the metaphysical elements. the pattern does not alow certain choices, but does others, the prophetic elements give an underlying impression of fate not choice etc. if rand cant channel anymore, he cannot travel. randland is a big place if you only have a horse. thought narishma would have bit more of a contribution. happy overall, would have liked epilogue but i did not expect so many charcters to survive so even a couple of pges is nice. egwene needed to die to provide some amount of validity.
  8. have to say i agree. if you can tell us the book, why not the chapter? if i had the book i would not be gloating about it on message boards eliciting envy in those less fortunate, id be reading it.
  9. i thought march 2012 was the expected release date?
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