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  1. I thought I read somewhere that the Atha'an Miere have tattoos on their hands, and that Bors saw at least one with such at the gathering in the prologue of TGH,
  2. Whoops, forgot one! I knit socks, afghans, sweaters, mitts, etc etc etc. Also crochet, usually very big afghans. :) I'm Kismatt on Ravelry, too.
  3. Ha! I went away for a long, long time, and now I'm back. I'm re-listening to the series (somewhere in the middle of TGH, they're just meeting "Selene") and trying to get another friend at work interested in the series too. I've moved mostly out of Potterdom, and now own/run a L&C: TNAOS forum that I inherited. I also now work as a database admin/platemaker/graphics designer/manufacturing assistant at my family's plastic card printing company. Phew. Lots of hats. To answer those long ago questions: You can call me Kismatt :) My LEAST fav character is Child Byar. Gave me the creeps from the moment we were introduced to him. I found DM....sheesh, I actually don't remember. I follow on Twitter, not sure about FB. My fav scene....Hmm. It's been a while, but I think the irony of Rand cleansing saidin and no-one noticing such a huge event struck me as kind of funny. How do I get ppl to read the series? I pester them ;) Just wanted to say Re-Hi! I'll wander around the forum a bit, to see if things have changed, Cheers!
  4. Just posting to say Hi! I've been a fan of the series since 1990, introduced at least a dozen people to the books, and have bought and given away about 4 copies of EOTW. I dabbled in the AOL WoT RPG for a few weeks back in the late 90's (jeesh, that was a long time ago) and identify with the Browns, as I'm a sort of history buff. I'm also involved in the Potter fandom, and participate in the recording of a HP fanfic review podcast. Mundanely, I'm a Security Coordinator in Internet Security for a national cable provider, and a sock-yarn-collecting knitter. :) Nice to meet everyone! Waiting patiently for MoL, KellyM
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