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  1. Per the TgS: and LTT telling Rand that the female Aes Sedai refused to help LTT and the 100 companions, because their plan was to risky? I pose this: Didn't the Aes Sedai's refusal doom LTT to failure? And perhaps make / cause the Breaking?
  2. I welcome any comments because i feel that most great fantasy was inspired by Tolkien. and Robert Jordan carried it forward to a really great place.
  3. I chose Maedhros because he has only one hand. like Rand and like Rand he surrendered to the dark side for a time Maedhros died for his sins will Rand die for his sins? Take what you want and PAY for it. It is the refusal to pay that is the sin.
  4. Am now rereading the towers of midnight... looking for more clues to unravel this weave of darkness. Confusion to the Dark
  5. Just refinished TGS and no Taim and his mystery remains but there is no doubt of his darkness is there? as re. Demandred even so... it would need a Taim as an ally. (or is he under compulsion?)
  6. another trippy twist of myth is the one about mosk and merk and the lance of flame that could reach around the world. Moscow and America? Nuclear weapons reference? or: Lenn who flew to the moon in the belly of an eagle made of fire. Glenn Armstrong? Apollo 11 landers name was Eagle just a thought on some of the really old tales that thom merrilin mentioned to egwene in tEoW.
  7. PPS. Rereading the gathering storm will keep an eye posted regarding taim = moridin etc. ty for this thread VERY INTERESTING it is
  8. Wheels within wheels plans within plans. always for the purpose of misdirection.. this is the way of the dark. What was that poem RJ wrote? the moon by day and the sun by night the lions roar and the hills take flight blind man deaf woman jackdaw fool let the lord of chaos rule.. these thoughts of mazrindin are an example of this in the books (i thinks) and it illustrates the idea of the lord of choas in his rule lies instead of the truth. also re Bashere he is a good man and true not a DF in anyway shape or form if it turns out that he is i will be VERY dissappointed. as for Taim being Moridin i am unsure and i doubt it i am more persuaded by the Taim = Taim argument. But. Yes there is one his mannerisms are of the AoL and he talks like them (sometimes) again let the lord of chaos rule... there is no doubt about his being a DF though i hope Rand kills him soon. he is a very detestible person esp in regards to his doing the 13x13 on all those poor aes sedai and ashamans what a horrible thing to be turned against your will to the dark. ALAS for the world where so much pain is .
  9. @ Master Ablar He was rescued by Fingon son of Fingolfin. And yes he was pinned to thangorodrim by Morgoth.
  10. 21 Bloody Years wait for me! bloody buttered onions! lol
  11. I voted #4 and i know that R.J. wrote the ending before he passed away, from what i understand the last battle was / is already written and all Barry has to do is paste it at the end of aMoL YAY!! jees it's been a long wait!!
  12. Taim also seems to avoid being touched. heh. and I seriously doubt that demandred is Davram Bashere the idea is a joke.
  13. All that was said is that he is not Demandred. One theory is that he is Moridin. Moridin huh? interesting idea. It has it's merits too there is some physical similarity too taim and moridin are both tall men. Perhaps he disguises himself as taim with the mirror of mist weave... dunno.
  14. Taim however speaks like one of the forsaken. Uses many of thier catchphrases and seems to have knowledge based on the age of legends. And he know's how to train male aes sedai. How does he know these things? The last male aes sedai died during the time of the breaking... If he is not a forsaken then how does he have such knowledge? I do not believe that Demandred traind him.
  15. P.P.S. I have read all the published books and reread them and reread them :P so am familier with most things in the books. Can't wait for a Memory of Light to come out !!
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