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  1. me too...EVIL deserves no mercy.
  2. I've Edited may last post, check it out.
  3. This is mostly from another thread so it is not all of my works: Rand now has proven himself able to kill forsaken...He has killed many already. The other tavern are still alive. Always a good thought. Aes Sedai are bowing to him already, although they all will fight with him sooner or later. Technology is being a good factor with 'dragons'. Mat's army could be the best in Randland if it had more numbers. Ash'man dont have to worry about the taint and channel more freely and a have a longer life expectancy. Also with the taint gone, Rand can use Callandor more readily, a big factor don't you agree? The Dark One has hordes of trollocs...They cant kill Rand. We've seen this countless times. Shades are being beaten by Perrin and Mat. If Rand can take down all forsaken it is a good thing. Now, The Dark One is the formidal opponent so we worry about him. But he is destined to die, with or without Rand. EDIT: OK, i agree the DO does not die because of the wheel of time..There will be another dragon reborn...But RJ in a literary sense, has stacked alot allies against the Dark One.
  4. If it ended @ dragon reborn, i probably wouldn't have a thirst for new books anyways. Truly, i like the books after the dragon reborn but they seem bleah not as good, because Rand al'Thor has way too much power now. It looks way too easy for him to beat the Dark One now, after killing alot of forsaken, Perrin and Mat are alive. Seanchan may fight with him. Wolves. Aes Sedai. Ashaman. many others too. It aint too much of a struggle anymore.
  5. Ah so true...The end of this thread is near, or at least to be wiped away from dragonmount memory...Twas' a fun time, arguing with Robert and agreeing with strider. But at least now i understand the katana more now. A great info dig for anyone who would read this thread again. azn prince
  6. RobertAlexWillis: And frankly, if you're drawing on "Kingdom of Heaven" for your knowledge ... well, we all know that movies are always so accurate. I've never met a true Samurai. The Daiymo and the Shogun have died out, and other than those who are Bushi, mostly only ceremonial. I've not yet encountered an Arab with a sword as his main and prefered weapon. They prefer AK's and AKM's now. Yeah, its pathetic, Using a movie... But I'll read up upon it. :D I'm revising my stance. Instead of Samurai's swordplay, Samurai reflex. Thus, 'Block, Hack, and Slash" Useful if the katana is sharp and gravity helps it a bit. Stab if necessary...
  7. RobertAlexWillis: Alot of those matchups would depend on where they were and how they were mounted. If he gets a camel, the Mameluke wins. Period. They could do things with their camels that would have made even a horse mounted Samurai drop his jaw into his lap. On foot, on solid ground, the Samurai probably wins. On foot, in the desert ... well, most of the desert is solid, rocky, but if they get into it in the dunes, the Saracen is probably going to be able to keep his feet better. So, mounted, usually the Saracen. Afoot, usually the Samurai. Thats how I see it anyway. Well i disagree on the Samurai on the ground. I know lots of movies are very stupid about swordplay but i keep thinking about one stance on the movie Kingdom of heaven. It was the seen where Balian had to fight an Arab for the return of his horse. If i remember correctly, the Arab's stance: was the sword was resting on both shoulders behind his neck with a horse stance. The Samurai have no experience with European, let alone, Arab fighting ideals. Also, i refuse to believe that all samurai with katanas used more swordplay in battle. When in true battle, you forget all venial knowledge and just do what has been burned into you through training. Hack and slash.
  8. agreed. Also continuing the katana and rapier subject: I'm wondering about the Saraceans and the Mamelukes. They both used scimitars as the main sword and even made scimitars good enough to be throwable. The picture below is a copy of a scimitar used during Saladin's time. http://www.georgehernandez.com/h/xMartialArts/media/swords/scimitar.jpg So how about this, instead of the European knight, we use a mameluke (mounted slave Saracean warrior) and let him take on a katana waving samurai. Both are well equipped with their curved swords, though the Saracean has weaker armor. Who knows, the Arab kicked European butt in the Crusades, will it be possible for him to beat the samurai? I've though about this alot and i can't put a finger on it. Yes, Robert will say samurai are better trained in Bushido, but Arabs are part of Jihad which make them fight with a little more enthusium. What if both were mounted? What if they fought in the dessert? In Japan? Other variables make this post awesome!
  9. Who knows...Rand might not become another Neo. (Reference to the Matrix)
  10. The handle is made of brass, which is quite bendy i heard
  11. yup http://www.armsofvalour.com/miva/merchant.mv?Session_ID=01C6FCA808F1097C000004F800000000&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=AOVL&Product_Code=1340&Category_Code=F There it is
  12. Fine...That sounds good. i announce this thread to become: "Weapons that are cool and what we can do with them" or the optional: "Your weapon of expertise and tell us what you have done" Is everybody cool with that? good. Hoah!
  13. DANG IT!!!! SWORDS IN RANDLAND NOT 'Weapons of the 21st Century'
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