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  1. Mat is married to her, but then again, he could no longer be maried since Tuon became Fortuona...
  2. I have always been of the impression that cuendillar was as heavy or lighter than a equivalent of steel and that the making was a 1 for 1 trade (plus the power of course) @ mb: lorica Segmentata is your typical popular culture roman armour. It made of multiple interlocking metal bands held in place by leather straps. There is a large amount of evidence that the romans could have made fully articulated platemail, but chose not to because: 1)the the loss of a bit of arm dexterity since the roman used a close and dirty style of fighting. It was more a kind to knife fighting than sword fighting. 2)Unless you take a full body injury (such as a explosion or fireball) damage to limbs are surprisingly survivable if we are to believe the incredible number healed scar tissue on the bones of medieval soldiers. 3)The cost would have been substantial and why replace a system that is "good enough"
  3. During my re-read for the new book a strange Idea hit me. "Could a Aes Sedai make Cuendillar armour without violating the 3 oaths?" I would think so, since armour is not a weapon in and of itself. However, it could make a person survive to get to killing range... Ferthermore, from the way the chain in Tar Valon's harbour reacted, I don't think complex articulation would work, but a breastplate or lorica Segmentata made of Cuendillar could make most mundane weapons less effective, and make armour useful for Power Duels. What do you people think it could work? Or would it create a huge Power Creep in the armies of the first one the find it that it would take huge literary licence to make a plausible antidote, or weapons that have a large collateral damage factor (as in "Hey! the guy inside the suite is extra crispy but alt least the armour plates are fine")
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