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  1. This was posted over in the 4th Age podcast thread. Thought it might be of interest to the general public.
  2. I couldn't find anywhere else to post this (I haven't seen an Olver thread, maybe I missed it) and I haven't seen this topic discussed so I am choosing to post it here because it is most relevant in this thread: Ok so here it is; Does anyone have a problem with the whole Olver blowing the Horn because Mat dying severed his link to the Horn thing? Don't get me wrong, it was an excellent part of aMoL and I thought BS pulled the scene off beautifully, my heart was pounding for Olver. I just don't think the logic of balefire really helps this theory. Balefire, as I understand it, slices a
  3. If there is another Faile hostage/captured situation I will throw the book away never finish it... Ok that's not true but I will be extremely annoyed and disappointed. I'd prefer to see Faile get killed by Slayer and have Perrin wreak havoc for several pages. He could possbily turn to the Shadow so the Dark One will "resurrect" her. It would be deeply enjoyable on a number of levels.
  4. Perrin. He did say, after all, he would sell his soul to save Faile... (foreshadowing?)
  5. Call me creepy but, I love the scene in FoH when Kadere is in his wagon after he has murdered Isendre and he's chopping her up into little tiny bits, reminiscing about his sister. I love RJ's ability to get into the mind's of the evil-doers and portry their thoughts so well. I found it funny that Kadere never even realized that Lanfear was amongst them. He just thinks to himself that she must have been butchered by the Aiel during the night or something... Excellent darker writing IMHO.
  6. Going along with the idea that Rand = Arthur from a post above, and I know this is not necessarily "our age" but it from our legends, Callandor, the SWORD that is only removable by the One who is worthy, lies in the STONE of Tear... Sword in the Stone anyone? Also I don't know if this was mentioned either, but I remember one of the forsaken mentioned using "glowbulbs" instead of lanterns. Lightbulbs, of course.
  7. No he isn't right I'm afraid. We have two quotes, one from each author. & The first quote is still non-conclusive when taking into account the ability of blademaster' outside of these four mentioned. The second seems more definitive but it also depends on the context of the question. The way the question is phrased could easily be construed, based on the conversation, as who's the best out fore mentioned blademasters? It's not enough to explicitly say, Galad's is only bettered by Lan in the entire world. And the same for Gawyn (Lan & Galad). I think the secon
  8. Since people don't seem to be catching the list from earlier in the thread. Yes we do know Valda was not the best swordsman alive and we also know he is somewhere below Gawyn. Per RJ the rankings for the best goes... Lan>Rand(pre hand loss>Galad>Gawyn Regarding the whole Lan>Rand(two hands)>Galad>Gawyn thing, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is this a list of the top four blademaster's in the world or is it simply ranking them according to skill when compared against each other? We don't know how good Valda was or how good anyone is other than these four relati
  9. This is why I think he should just die and stay dead.
  10. Ah touche. I forgot about that. That's what I get for throwing it together at work haha. Mostly though, I was wondering, what other options for his resurrection are out there? I'm sure it has been discussed in other threads. I just don't like the 2 options listed above. Really I don't like the option of resurrection for Rand. I think he should die to save the world and stay dead. It just makes it a better story for me. Thanks for the responses :)
  11. New(ish) to the forums. Longtime lurker, not a big poster. A thought came to me while I was reading Gaidar's thread in AMoL forum. I was thinking, neither of these theories seem likely. Both are technically possible, but they are far too complicated in my opinion. I just feel like it would be uber lame for BS to resurrect him as such. Rand is easily my favorite character but for the stories sake I feel like he needs to die. That being said, if he must be resurrected, I would prefer to see it done in a much simpler and already used fashion(by the mastermind himself). I see
  12. How to Rape Your Duckling- Queen Tylin - by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar. The Constant Gardener- The Green Man So You Think You Can Dance?- Aviendha
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