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  1. That Robert Jorden only ment to have the first book. I think that the ending kinda put it as one book But he does have a lot of details. i really dont know.
  2. But lewis therin has said things before when rand was in trouble that was very sane.
  3. I think that also ltt is gaining more control because Rand enter the world of dreams in flesh and the wise ones said that you leave somthing of you behind everytime you do that so rand is losing part of his soul
  4. The part where rand sees all his different lives in TGH
  5. High Lord in tear or live in illian genrel since i really like playing war games no wepones im a genrel:)
  6. But they dont really trust the colors they know what they do but not why
  7. Mine favorite was either Knife Of Dreams or The Great Hunt and my least favorite was Path Of Daggers
  8. i really dont know but i do agree with you. Thats point got me mad many times
  9. i never reall saw that disscused
  10. Is rand mad because he channeled the one power alot tainted and because he entered the world of dreams in flesh. So i think he suffers two kinds of madness
  11. i know its fansty i dont really mean anything by it it was just an thought
  12. I think sonmewhere in the book they say when the one power is channled into the seals they only grow stronger(not just the seals but all of the stuff the seals are made of cundaria) So why doesnt a fun circal of 13 just channel into the reamining seals and make them stronger.
  13. Think about it Rand, Matt, Peiren could all have a bunch of really cool cars and they could nuke the dark one for awhile.
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