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  1. Okay well I know I just got back and everything and I havnt replied to any of the boards and i'm sorry about that. I am still here just some real life stuff happened and it's been hard to deal with.. Myth's been there to help me out a bit though, Thank you Kev. Either way a week ago a few of my friends passed away and I was really close to them and there family so i've been helping there family out and they want me to be apart of the funeral arrangements and everything... so i'm helping out as best as i can.. the funeral's the day after tomorrow.. now my other buddy got into a car ac
  2. Welcome Falco, name's Justin. If you want check out the organizations, they all have there own little cork to them.. All fun as well, a lot to do here then just RP. But either way whatever your cool with right. See you
  3. Justin89


    Well I get back and nobody's really told me anything.. I've been gone for liek 6 months, find out that we have a new boards.. How come?? What happened to the old ones?? What are all the off site boards?? For: Warder Ogier Archers (Band) And if anyone could, fill me in briefly.. (Would perfer someone whos in the warders, ogier, and band/archers) on whats been going on, any big things going on, or coming up.. Any help needed??) I wouldnt want to bug anyone to do this, just if they stop by and know anything
  4. Okay well this is me RaWr! K well Photobucket isnt loading up properly for me, so im just going to take some of my pics off my "myspace" thing i use http://images.nexopia.com/userpics/2451/2451504/22.jpg That wasnt too long ago [ur]http://images.nexopia.com/userpics/2451/2451504/23.jpg[/url] This was over a year ago with my buddy Andre. Right is me http://images.nexopia.com/userpics/2451/2451504/20.jpg My baby sister Jenna and I
  5. country is up there but i like alot of things like alternative, rock, punk, metal, death metal, some OLD rap (dont ask why).. i dont know id have to show you my other music list on my computer (4000 songs +)
  6. K this is the newest one i have of me i think....
  7. So I was really bored last night when I was laying in bed and I couldn't think.. so I grabbed my buddies LapTop and searched for maps on WoT and a few Lord Of The Rings Map's popped up... It is insanely crazy, i don't know if any of you noticed it but the books remind me of LoTr a bit.. its sick.. Here are a few examples.. Mydraal and the Wring Raith's.. similar, Yes?? I personally think so.. even though there is only 9 wring wraith's but still.. same style of look to me, black cloak covering them, etc.. The Maps.. After i saw one from LoTr i opened up my Path of Daggers books
  8. *walks back in pulling a long rope and gets halfway to Kelly Sedai* so you think you know me as well as you do.... *yanks on the rope and a huge white box with holes in it and a red ribbon tied on it flys forward* Hmmmmm.. *fingers his sword hilt as he walks over to Val* Here.. i thought you might need this, i saw your sorry excuse for a horse.... *walks over to Kelly whispering in her ear* if this makes you happy it makes me happy.. but remember i got my special privliges
  9. *continues to stand there watching ignoring the hugs he recieved* hmmm.... *finger the hilt of his sword* nah.. *walks out*
  10. lmao hahaha i used to watch that movie all the time, t's a good one
  11. Empire Records ??? or something like that?
  12. well im a little choked.. what about punk, altnerative, country, emo, metal, rap, and all that other stuff?? hehe i listen to everything im not choked.. so i randomly clicked one
  13. that is quite discusting.. i hope your okay well this one isn't life threatning but i almost lost my hearing.. my dads a welder and he used to weld at home sometimes.. dont ask why.... so one day i was climbing on this pipe that was in my garage to get my tennis balls (i shot it up) and my dog scared me, i fell and smoked my ear on the pipe.. went to the hospital and they said there is a good chance ill go deaf.... im not deaf but its hard to hear out of my left ear sometime.. also i have this crazyyy scar that goes halfway through my ear and sticks up... but okay my only real real
  14. Congradulation's Kelly Sedai *looks around like he was carved from rock fingering his sword hilt*
  15. oh im not a slow learner m'dear *dips Kelly then kisses her cheek*
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