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  1. There have been a lot of references involving Rand and Death ("Embrace Death" from tGH for one), and there has been a lot of imagery in the reading comparing him to wolves. His life is certainly in danger, and his death would greatly impact all the borderlands from a morale standpoint. I'm inclined to change my vote to Lan, but I cannot help but think that he would be referred to as the "crane" in prophecy, or the "man alone", unless RJ is throwing us a few herring bones to choke our logic... not that thus has ever happened in the past . I'm just thrilled that I correctly tabbed who killed Asmodean 14 years ago, and how.
  2. There's another potential point everyone is missing... when the Choden Kal is first mentioned, there is a prominent figure present- Lanfear. She continually tells Rand that with the Choden Kal she and Rand/LTT could together defeat the DO, and even challenge the creator. This is where we get a glimpse of her desire to set herself up on Mt. Olympus, divine power to go with her great, unnatural yet natural beauty, with the most powerful man in any age at her side. Lanfear has been absent from the story since the cleansing save in referenced conversation; I don't think she had even been present in any meetings of the Chosen we've seen since then. If she knew of the female CK being destroyed, she could still design a plot to connect herself to the man who holds the male CK. Now that that is destroyed, the story line is wide open again as her character is reintroduced... and this time there won't be any way that she can challenge the DO, let alone the creator... from tEotW: "NO, IT IS NOT HERE. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE" can accomplish yada-yada-yada. I've always believed that this was the creator speaking in Rand's mind... and now I start thinking "IT" refers to Callandor.
  3. Don't forget the "Tend to nature" comment in ToM. No real spoiler here for anyone, as it is unimportant in and of itself as far as the words go.
  4. You guys are reading way too much into this. In books 6-7 we are constantly reminded of Moiraine's death... everyone KNOWS she is dead, but everyone is WRONG. Mow Mat and Thom have pulled her chestnuts our of the fire just in time for the LB. Let's face it, if it wasn't Morry than Min was referring to, there would not have been a need to resurrect the character into the storyline, and a very complex story would have been less complex... in fact an entire book would have been avoided. Add up all the copy referring to Moiraine's rescue (be sure to include the note she passed to Thom through Rand and Mat, all the times he was seen reading it and carefully folding it- and doesn't it make sense now why he always did that in Mat's POV- with all the attempts to get a gateway, play snakes and foxes, the actual rescue and such) and I bet it would make a small volume. RJ would not have put so much planning into character recovery if this was not the "must be present" woman.
  5. I've never had this impression about Taim. He is represented throughout the story as a bully, albeit a powerful one. Bashere was definitely not afraid of him when he first appeared, and was ready to rip his throat out with his own teeth. Quite the contrary, there are several characters in the story that are described as having an air about them that men would follow (the strongest being the newly transformed Rand): Tam, Perrin, Jaged Agelmar, Itiduralde, Rhuarc, Cadsuane, Sorilea, and even Lan. Each of these is portrayed as a stronger leader than Taim. I just don't buy him being Moridin/Ishamael, who has always had an air about him that seems to be a living shadow. Here's another point to that affect, when Taim is introduced to the story line. Rand states he will take Taim to the farm. "Farm?" said Taim. Rand continues speaking with someone else on another topic, completely ignoring Taim. "What farm?" Taim asks again, I believe a little peaved at being ignored. Rand continues addressing others, and when he's finished he gates to the farm and pretty much treats Taim with an "are you coming?" look. Taim is described as being close in the power to Rand, but Rand learns faster. Ishamael was reportedly LTT's equal in power. Moridin is also reputed to be using the True Power almost exclusively in order to gain so many saa so quickly (remember that he has only one when he is first introduced, but has a "blizzard" of them now). Taim states that he could have been the DR if he could have made one prophecy come true, a weak point for a philosopher from the AoL to make. But what he never had is an air of natural leadership. Even at the end of ToM, he is portrayed more as a self-possessed, pompous ass than anything else, but even then Pevara's only personal reaction to him is one that can be attributed to a Red's opinion of a man who can channel. Heck, even Mat's fat horse-thief/scout can't recall his name at the moment) has a stronger air of danger about hi than Taim. I believe Taim is nothing more than a modern day dreadlord; there have been dreadlords in the past without gaining "Chosen" status. In fact, I think Alviarin has come closer to this than anyone.
  6. Perhaps this has been discussed on another thread, but I was wondering if anyone has gleaned the exact process. We know that channelers have a weakness in that they can be forced to serve the DO by having 13 dreadlords channel spirit through 13 myrrdral, but is there more? I was thinking that the fades fade into the victim/host, which would account for the "dead, lifeless" look in the eyes of those who have joined 13 Incorporated. Anyone?
  7. Excellent point! If the A'M had not made this realization, the end of the LB would be bleak even with victory. Notice also Deepe Bhadar (love this character; hope to see more of him in a peg-leg) takes an honorable pride in his title. Even when the BT was first formed, many of the men reflected upon the meaning of "Asha'man". This was foreshadowing of Rand's transformation/realization.
  8. The BT timeline is still behind, as can be seen by Graendal's encounter with Moridin a the beginning of ToM. She sees the dreamspike (note the singular) and is amazed that Moridin has acquired 2 of them. When Grady announces to Perrin that travelling to the BT doesn't work, it is safe to assume that the DSPIKE has been in place for some time... but only after Androl works with leather. I think that when the physical fortifications were completed around the BT, the spike was activated. This puts the BT timeline about a month behind, as Perrin's showdown with Slayer and destruction of the other spike occurred within a week of FoM (derived from interactions between Eggy and Gawyn after the bonding). Because of this, the resolution of the BT and Logaine's reappearance should be early in aMoL. Maybe he's hiding out at Farmer Bunt's house, or frolicking with Else Grinwell in a haystack.
  9. I fully agree. We see Zen Rand full of remorse at planning to let Lan ride to his death. Rand means to send aid to Lan. Also I can't imagine Nyn NOT going to Lan's aid and demanding help from everyone she can. Especially the Aes Sedai. Maybe we'll finally see the Green Ajah doing something useful? Hey, you just hit on something I overlooked... in "New Spring", Lan demanded an answer from Moiraine as to why the White Tower didn't send aid when Malkier fell, after Malkier answered every call the White Tower made. Moiraine's response was "we couldn't get there in time" and they (AS) didn't want to publicly admit their short comings. Now that travelling is rediscovered, maybe it's time for the Green Ajah to deliver. I like this possibility.
  10. Rand refers to Lan twice in ToM; first to Egwene "... a friend rides to his death alone..." and later to Nynaeve, saying he will send help, but not yet. I don't think Rand knows about Perrin's wolfishness directly, so having him send the wolves is not likely. What is more likely? Malkier is closer to Shayol Gul than any of the other borderland, so my guess is that the main offensive thrust will be made to aid Lan.
  11. OK I know so many people hate Egwene, but she had a moment in ToM when waiting for Nynaeve and Elayne in TAR. She say the new window in the hall composed of both the Dragon Fang and the Flame, wondering if there was another world that TAR was mirroring. Graendal also refers to fleeing to worlds accessed through portal stones where the DOs' reach was weaker. Also, I believe that one of the early explanations of Portal Stones refers to all the possibilities of "What If?" Taking this a step further, we know that the Dreamers often receive visions of the future while in TAR or dreaming. Could this window be a product of the a future possibility where Black and White Towers are allied, and the new larger tower is the Tamrylin's tower?
  12. Isn't this the first time Rand kills a woman? Didn't BS say "the first time" something was introduced? Maybe Rand must kill a woman, or be killed by her.
  13. Moiraine said she thought the snakes and foxes may have been lying to her about Lanfear dying, yet again I think she had to have died unless she was killed outright after she was recovered by Moridin as punishment. If not there would have been no reason to transmigrate her, and all indications say that this is not an easy thing to do for the DO, otherwise wouldn't he have TM'd Aginor a 2nd time when Dashiva was killed (not by balefire)? Additionally, Moiraine said the man before her said she was "not the one he wanted". Regardless of how he got there, I believe Moridin somehow came to Finnland (via Tear, ToG, portal stone, or some other means, perhaps even travelling straight to the Chamber of Bond... who knows what was possible in the Age of Legends) to recover her, and that Cyndane is the other recipient of the mindtrap. As for her plea for help, I think it is genuine, as she was always attracted to Power. Remember that she was the strongest among women in the Power, and attracted to men of power who were also strong in the Power. Now she's been taken down a notch, no longer as strong as she was and subject to Moridin's whims due to the mindtrap. She has become a puppet and plaything for the shadow, and now wishes to get away. She's prime time for a conversion.
  14. I've often wondered about a comment made by Asmodean in tEotW, where he says Mat's Dagger showed them the way to the Green Man's garden "An old enemy, an old friend...". This shows a connection to Shadar Logoth and the Dark One that has never been truly discussed in the books. Somehow I think Padan Fain has to be present to reseal the Bore, and possibly becomes the DO himself after Rand "destroys" the DO. That's an old line of thought I had more than a decade ago, but I have nothing more to base it on than the power Fain has over shadowspawn, as well as his ability to use some form of compulsion on humans.
  15. The seals were made with Saidin, and were in turn corrupted by the DO's touch (as were the ways and anyone channeling Saidin). Saiding and Saidar used together worked like reverse polarity to force the Taint from Saidin, showing that opposites do not attract. In tEotW, the Creator speaks in Rand's mind: "IT IS NOT HERE;I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE..." or something along those lines, which told me that the Creator will not take part until the confrontation on Shayol Gul, and IT is the bore. After Rand's baptism on Dragonmount, his mind is enveloped with a radiant light that holds the madness at bay, with Nynaeve's POV theorizing that the madness is a living construct or manifestation of the DO in some form or another. This indicates that there must be a power from the creator like the True Source, but it's "inverted" so no one can detect it. This "ULTIMATE SOURCE" is the opposite of the True Source, and is what Rand must use to seal the bore in such a way that the DO cannot weaken the patch (without help). Rand also hinted along these lines in ToM, wondering what he needed to use in conjunction with Saidin to seal the Bore.
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