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    The Wheel of time. Enjoying a good meal with friends. The loving embrace of a women.
  1. If you play this game on facebook are another media and would like to join a "wheel of time" dedicated alliance I have an alliance started on the "albion" server and would welcome any of you to join me in playing a very fun social networking game. The name of the alliance is "THE WHEEL OF TIME" as you may have guessed. See you there.
  2. I purchased "The great hunt" in a PX in Iraq just because of the cover art. I read rings and enjoyed it and was looking for a book to pass the time. Before long I had someone ship me the eye of the world so I could catch up. The rest is history.
  3. I just read what I posted again.....those are two different scenes but I didn't articulate well. Let me try again. The way rand describes egwene sometimes pulls on my hearts strings. There was another seen. A battle on a hill I think where perrin went bezerk and started howling. Not tell he was done did he notice everyone was looking at him. That primal, raw emotion echoed my feelings at the time I was reading it.
  4. Thank you for the advice and kind words. As for favorite scene......thats hard. The way rand describes egwene sometimes its very personal. Having a hard time remembering it correctly but its where perrin goes bezerk and doesnt realize that everyone is watching him.
  5. Would love the tour. No I havent read all of them. Sort of a fear thing. Like, once its over, its over.
  6. Thank you.......and yes I am glad I found this website. I hope to enjoy learning to navigate it and really hope to meet like minded fans.
  7. Where to begin? Ill guess ill start with my birth. I was born in what you guys call the "two rivers". Florence, South Carolina. A stones throw from charleston. That would be the first signs of the wheel weaving around me. The second? I don't really know. I guess it could have been one of the two times I met Robert Jordan. Back then, when I met him, I had no ideal who the man was at the time. "An author signing books" I thought aloud as I watched him at a book signing at a mall in North Carolina. Little did I know that the man I was looking at would have such a profound impact on my life. It wasn't until a few years later that I would actually hear about WOT. I was about 3 months into a 15 month deployment to Iraq when I found a copy of "the great hunt" for sale at the PX. I bought it and suddenly I couldnt put it down. It started with me reading it on details where I wasnt doing anything. I would read a little here and there. Before I knew it "the great hunt" was finished and I was going back and reading "the eye of the world". In fact I took it everywhere with me. Reading it on missions. Skipping meals just to see what rand was doing. I fell in love with the wheel of time. The characters. The story. It wasn't tell after Mr. Rigneys death did I realize who he was. Who I had met. How his books impacted me and gave me a refuge to turn to in dark times. The escape his books provided me cannot be over exaggerated. The day I found out my father had been in a wreck and broken his neck, I was in iraq. I still remember laying on my bunk and reading "the dragon reborn". I know im rambling a bit and im a noob on this forum but I just wanted you guys to know how happy I am to have found this website and community. Thank you guys. All of you.
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