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  1. No. But that's not my point - I meant that just because it's self-defence doesn't give someone the right to enslave his attacker. Compulsion type slavery through the bond and killing weren't the only options, BTW. The other options include returning the sisters back to Elaida, which is unacceptable because they'll just return with a larger force or killing/stilling them. I'd say they chose the most feasible route. This was mentioned earlier by someone sorry for not giving proper credit!
  2. I can't figure out why it's such a big deal to all the Aes Sedai that Asha'man bonded Aes Sedai. It's not much different from Aes Sedai bonding Warders. I figured everyone was used to change considering the Last Battle is approaching. I just can't figure out why it's such a big deal.
  3. Ratatatpat

    WoT 2

    Wow that's impressive
  4. Rand cleansed saidin, what's next? The Ways?
  5. I remember reading this in an earlier book than KoD and thought nothing of it, but this sure looks like a common hand gesture in our world. Is Robert Jordan telling us he loves us?! Please don't someone take that entirely literal and say, "No, he forgot the thumb." Buzzkill
  6. I Remember in KoD Rand using deathgates, claiming Shadowspawn can't survive through gates but, - correct me if I'm wrong - there must have been an instance where a Forsaken or some such sent Trollocs and other Shadowspawn through gates in previous books.
  7. Was anyone else disappointed when Rand sent Mat to basically aBANDon the Band in order to get Elayne? I know we see the Band later, but I'd wager Mat's staying would have been much more interesting.
  8. David that answered my question quite thoroughly, thank you.
  9. Can someone please explain to me how Elayne and others know that Adeleas's death was indeed a murder performed by the Black Ajah? Also, why are the suspects limited to Merilille, Careane, and Sareitha if there were many others nearby at the time of her murder? Also, I'm only on Book 11 so please if I am going to find the answers to the questions from later reading, I do not need to know without reading. :]
  10. Wow I didn't expect a near-consensus :] So far KoD is the win.
  11. Indeed I meant Crossroads of Twilight. Thanks everyone!
  12. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with ending of ToM. Always towards the end of Jordan's books he has me unable to put the book down with the sudden action-packedness. It almost seemed like book ten did not have a climax, but was simply paving the way for book eleven, so I'm not too disappointed because maybe book eleven will be twice as dope. Also, is there any possible way to avoid spoilers in these forums? I've been revealed to info I haven't read!
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