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  1. Doesn't seem like there's much point from a literary standpoint to show us the fang unless it's referencing an world where Aes Sedai and Asha'man work together. I'd say that's what it is.
  2. To be honest, I think we've been waiting for this so long and it's built up so much that a lot of people wouldn't be satisfied even if Jordan himself would have finished the series. Not saying that there aren't some very real problems with the last 3 books...especially AMoL...but I think it's a bit overblown.
  3. There's lots of discussion of this on the Seanchan thread. Remember that the male collars have a flaw that allows the man to eventually control the woman. I can imagine the men getting revenge on the sul'dam after being flogged, etc. The sul'dam would need to break the men quickly, or else kill them. Well it was stated that effect could be mitigated by passing control around. I doubt the empire would have a problem instituting a policy that kept certain sul'dam from working with the same man for extended periods of time.
  4. The "song" the way the Tinkers think of it never existed. I agree with others that a reunion scene with the original cast would have been nice....however I do think that the book would have gotten very repetitive if they forced in every single reunion that people wanted to see.
  5. Ok you were clipping along making all sorts of sense until you went off the rails here. Just my personal opinion. She went from my favorite character in the early books to my least favorite once she assumed power. That's a topic for a different thread though. To the topic at hand...here's what Mat tells Elayne. “Me force my attentions on her!” he shouted. Or rather, he tried to shout; choking made it come out in a wheeze. Seizing Elayne’s shoulders, he pulled her away from the carriages a little distance. […] “You listen to me! That woman won’t take no for an answer; I say no, and she laughs at me. She’s starved me, bullied me, chased me down like a stag! She has more hands than any six women I ever met. She threatened to have the serving women undress me if I didn’t let her—” Abruptly, what he was saying hit him. And who he was saying it to. He managed to close his mouth before he swallowed a fly. He became very interested in one of the dark metal ravens inlaid in the haft of the ashandarei, so he would not have to meet her eyes. “What I mean to say is, you don’t understand,” he muttered. “You have it all backwards.” She of course responds as all good friends do when you tell them you've been raped. With jokes and laughter. Also, you seem to think that just because Mat can see a Gray man that he is somehow completely invincible against a Queen and all of her subjects, whom he also has an obligation to respect. Once again, Mat has obligations to remain in Ebou Dar. He literally can not leave the palace without breaking his promise to Rand...which we know he will not do. It may seem silly to you, but putting himself in bad situations because of a promise to protect a woman is perfectly in character for Mat. Also remember that this was Jordan's Mat rather than Sanderson's. While Mat was certainly capable and extremely lucky under Jordan...he was not the super hero that Sanderson turned him into.
  6. Well that's no big deal now that the Seanchan have the male collars as well. Equality all around!
  7. A few things. One, she literally had a knife pressed up against his chin. It's a hard position to escape from. Two, she's the Queen of the country where the people he's promised to escort are staying. Yes, Mat is more than capable of escaping, or hurting her. What he's not capable of doing is breaking the promise that he gave to escort Elayne to Andor. If he rocks the boat with Tylin he's going to have to run away to avoid being executed or thrown in prison. Any of those things will cause him to break his promise. Thus, he's stuck. It's simply not a matter of physical capability. So you agree that he wasn't forced physically because he could obviously escape, but it was rape because he didn't want to offend her and jeopardize his promise??? "Oh okay, I'll do it FOR ELAYNE!!!" Imagine Elayne's reaction to that sentiment for a moment. Exactly. So in your mind it's only rape if you're physically coerced into it with no possible chance of escape? That's not even remotely sound logic. Also, we got Elayne's reaction. She thought it was funny. Elayne however, is a horrible horrible person as has been displayed over and over throughout the series. Also, stockholm syndrome is a very real thing. I'm not sure how this forum feels about linking external sites, but just Google it.
  8. It's not only about raw strength. To whit, wasn't Graendal drawing on a circle of compelled channelers? So who is to say how much strength she had. Indeed, plus Graendal has her own plain gold ring angreal. Seems fairly even - she's facing three Forsaken-level channelers (Talaan, Alivia and Cadsuane + angreal) and two just under Forsaken-level (Amys is a match for Romanda/Lelaine, which isn't too far off Aviendha). On a side note, when Perrin chased Graendal out of TAR did anyone notice that it seemed to read like the forkroot came out with Graendal as she was still spitting it out in the real world? I thought that things created in TAR could not be taken into the real world, otherwise the Forsaken would just pop in and have an unlimited supply of sa'angreal. It probably still existed since it was inside her, but disappeared as soon as she spit it out or something. Or maybe she was just spitting the taste out of her mouth.
  9. A few things. One, she literally had a knife pressed up against his chin. It's a hard position to escape from. Two, she's the Queen of the country where the people he's promised to escort are staying. Yes, Mat is more than capable of escaping, or hurting her. What he's not capable of doing is breaking the promise that he gave to escort Elayne to Andor. If he rocks the boat with Tylin he's going to have to run away to avoid being executed or thrown in prison. Any of those things will cause him to break his promise. Thus, he's stuck. It's simply not a matter of physical capability.
  10. I'll second Perrin searching for Faile. I never really sympathized with him during the whole Shaido arc (he's just so boring and unlikable...and it drags forever.) His search for Faile and all out despair before he finds her in this book were really heart wrenching for me though. Especially since I thought there was a chance she was really dead.
  11. I think it's just more of a "big deal" and noticeable when it happens to the women. I mean, look at Mat. He gets raped repeatedly by Tylin, has his eye ripped out of his skull, etc...but no one makes a fuss. Thom is crippled by a fade, Sammael had his very soul tainted by Mashadar (probably unpleasant.) Bad things happened to lots and lots of people throughout the series. I will agree that the rape is far more prevalent among the women...however that is sadly fairly realistic. Also, a lot of it never really happened on screen and we just assume it took place. Can't really blame RJ for that. For example, why assume that Lanfear got raped, but not the male "chosen" who failed and were resurrected? It's just as possible that they were punished in the same way...however since they're male people don't consider it.
  12. How can it possibly be profiteering if the ones who decided to sell it aren't profiting from it? It's completely understandable why they cut it from the book. The entire series has been building Demandred up for that one moment where he arrives with an entire enemy army. Showing a point of view of his leading up to that would have completely undermined the impact of the moment. However, since it's already written they decided to let us see it. I think it's the right choice.
  13. Well, he managed to overmatch Rand in melee with a staff in Falme. This was after Rand was able to kill a blademaster in a duel...so it's always been clear he was no slouch in close combat.
  14. I never got that impression. The battle never focused on Demandred for any length of time and he didn't destroy the Dragons or Matt's camp. He didn't even strike at Matt's camp because he said it was somehow an invincible fortress of solitude. From Demandred's POV he was: "... opposite the hill that Moghedien said they called Dashar Knobb. The rock formation rose high in the air; its base was a fine position for a command post, sheltered from attacks from the One Power" He then goes on about how he can't attack or travel to Matt's command post because it was "...possibly a trap, surrounded as it was by those high rock walls" This makes no sense at all. What position would withstand balefire or any other powerful exploding earth/lightening/fire/etc blast?? How is a rock formation sheltered from the One Power when it is completely possible for Demandred to just crumble the earth around it or just use balefire to carve the whole mountain up?? This was before he gave Sakarnen to M'Hael so he still had access to its power. If this had been Rand and he knew where one of the Forsaken was, he would have demolished anything to get to them. That Demandred says he can't destroy a rock formation just seems ridiculous. I never got the idea that he was physically incapable of destroying the camp...simply that he held back because he suspected a trap by LTT when he tried.
  15. To be fair, I don't think Demandred really is in a full circle. That's just the assumption one character makes because he feels so powerful with his Sa'angreal.
  16. There should be about 3000 more Light side chanellers and a few million more troops in the books than Brandon actually shows us. They just randomly disappeared with no explanation. The Shaido alone had 400 wise ones who could channel. Apparently the other 11 Aiel clans combined had a few dozen. At least that's the way Brandon wrote it. Also, we know from earlier books there were around 1000 Aes Sedai and around 800 Asha'man not even counting novices and accepted. We know they lost around 200 Aes Sedai to the Black Ajah. The book had about 400 Aes Sedai and maybe a few hundred Asha'man. At most. The normal troop numbers are also extremely reduced from what they were in earlier books. The Light should have had literally millions more troops than Brandon portrayed in this book. The Aiel forces alone numbered around a million, and yet the book is written as if there are barely enough of them to take a single valley. If Brandon really wanted to create tension in the books, he should have found a way to either increase the Shadow's numbers or realistically decrease the numbers of the Light. Instead he just randomly pretended that an enormous portion of the Light's forces never existed and hoped no one would notice. It's absolutely ridiculous, and for me personally is almost enough to ruin the entire series. At the very least it ruins this book. But hey, at least he weakened the Light enough so that his self-insert character could play hero and save the day over and over.
  17. The numbers issue really is unforgivable. I noticed it during my first read-through but I tried to ignore it. However, now that I'm done...the longer I think on it the worse it seems. It's really going to ruin the entire story on future read-throughs to know how poorly the ending is written. I certainly didn't expect Sanderson to get every tiny thing perfect...but you'd imagine they could have at least gotten the numbers of people participating in the books at least within a reasonable approximation instead of just being lazy, only having 1/10th of them, and pretending the rest just didn't exist. Someone really needs to ask Brandon what the other million soldiers and 3000 chanellers on the light side were doing during the last battle. Maybe they were handing out with Roedran in Murandy? Seriously. Completely lazy and unforgivable.
  18. Saddest moment for me is Mat's death a few books ago. I'm re-reading AMOL right now, and good lord his parts are jarring. Sanderson just does not get that character at all. It got a little better in ToM but got much, much worse again in this one.
  19. Jordan always said the Shadow was winning, but he never really did a great job of conveying it to the reader. My favorites in terms of actual characters? Asmodeon and Lanfear. In the early books Lanfear was easily the best villain of the series. She and Asmodeon are really the only two with actually relatable personalities and motives anyway. As far as effectiveness, Demandred is the only Forsaken who actually did his side more overall good than harm.
  20. I know, in the real world commanders don't have the ability to send instant orders to the field, or watch a battle from above, or send immediate orders to correct something, or...hey, wait a minute! If you think about modern warfare, there is a lot of similar stuff, when you consider the level of fire power we can bring to a fight, or the way we can watch ("real time") what is happening on the battlefield. And yet, we still study the great battles of history. Why? Because the principles still apply. What Alexander the Great did is still relevant. Modern day commanders have this ability. You weren't comparing modern day commanders though, you were making the statement that it's impossible for Mat to have a specific level of control over the battle and citing completely irrelevant ancient battles to support the argument.
  21. Mat is instantly able to send orders to any commander he wants, watch from above to make sure they are carried out, and instantly send corrections if needed. The real world analogues are silly.
  22. I don't think there was a song in the viewing, just Perrin surrounded by trees and flowers blooming. Think this referred to his epiphany at his family's graves in the apple orchard where he got his will to fight. There was a scene where Perrin made a bunch of trees and plants bloom in the wolf dream. Could have been that. Not every viewing is a major world changing event. I dunno about the Tinkers though. The whole point of that epiphany is that it's ok to fight against complete evil like the shadow. Except there is no shadow any more, so it's basically a worthless revelation.
  23. I feel this way as well. Such a completely pointless character.
  24. I don't really get your logic here. Of course there were other options possible and she didn't have to die. That's true for any character who has ever died in any fictional setting ever. The author could just write it slightly different and have them live. It doesn't mean the death is pointless. As a matter of fact, the death had a very specific point...to evoke the reader's emotion, which your response proves happened successfully.
  25. Roosters can fly. Chicken run was not a documentary, lol.
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