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  1. I was kind of disappointed by how little Moiraine there was in this book. She might be my favorite overall character from the series, and I was really looking forward to her interacting with the other characters now that they've changed so much. There were a few small moments here and there, but other than FoM, she doesn't really do very much in scenes where she's present. I mean, even Nynaeve gets something to do while Rand is fighting the Dark One. Moiraine's role is to just stand there.
  2. Started with New Spring in July. I haven't had as much time for reading as I'd like recently, but I'm almost done with Winter's Heart. I don't know if I'll be able to make it through the other books before January, especially with the holidays coming up, but just re-reading the early and middle books has been revitalizing. I'm constantly reminded of why I fell in love with this series in the first place. Although it only recently occurred to me that I should have taken notes. It's difficult to keep everything in my head over 6 months of casual reading.
  3. I think that maybe the Aes Sedai on the Seanchan continent might have remembered more AoL tricks than their White Tower counterparts. An Aes Sedai there created the a'dam, and it's not too much of a stretch to imagine they knew how to create other ter'angreal. From what little is known about the Seanchan continent Aes Sedai, I wouldn't put it past them to create something like the bloodrings, either, as a tool to assassinate political rivals or the like. Either way, those skills would have been long lost by the current year, so I doubt the Seanchan had anything to do with copying the male a'dam.
  4. Wasn't the 13x13 thing specifically referred to as something that could only be done to channelers when it was introduced?
  5. I actually liked that the very traits that lead to Egwene's victories in tGS turned into character flaws in ToM. She's not perfect and she still makes mistakes, which IMO makes her a better character. And her mistakes weren't as frustratingly stupid as Elayne's.
  6. That whole chapter was depressing to read. I had to put the book down and get some sleep (which was good because I had class in a few hours anyway). The reveals really bothered me. It seemed like there were several hints of what will happen in AMoL. It felt too much like spoilers were being shoved in my face. I don't have the book in front of me now, and I haven't read the last 7 chapters, but it seems unlikely any of this would be resolved now, plus I haven't heard anything about it reading around the spoiler boards. Still, here's what I've gathered. All these things seem likely to happen regardless of what Avi does: -They imply that Rand will bow to Fortuona. This seems like an obvious move, but I was kind of hoping Rand would bring her to heel rather than bow himself. -The Dragon's Peace. Rand will force a treaty between the various nations that extends beyond the last battle. Again, this seems like an obvious move but I would have enjoyed finding out about it as it happened. -It seems like very few people survive the last battle. One of the Aiel is noted as being wise for having survived. Probably the vast majority of those who go to Shayol Ghul (unsure of the spelling off the top of my head) end up dead. -The White Tower will survive Fortuona's assault that was planned only a few chapters before all this. Well, there goes all the tension I might have felt about that. -The Black Tower will survive being rent in flame and blood or whatever the quote is, and will remain separate from the White Tower. That's it off the top of my head. I need to sleep and read through the chapter again; there's probably more details that I missed. I realize this is only a possible future, but it still seems like it revealed way too much about what will happen in AMoL and after.
  7. Before I got to the last three or so chapters, I was convinced my favorite scene would involve Egwene. She stole the show for me throughout most of the book, and it was amazing to finally see her heal the White Tower and assume her role as Amyrlin. Up until the end of the book, my favorite chapter was probably The Tower Shakes or A Fount of Power. Then I read Veins of Gold. That was by far the most emotional scene in the book for me, and a possible contender for my favorite scene in the entire series.
  8. There are several cases of knowledgeable characters saying balefire could destroy the world. The way I see it, and I suspect many would agree with me, destroying the world would, in fact, be bad. Demandred mentions that balefire was more feared than the Choedan Kal during the AoL, and that should tell you something since the Choedan Kal are something else that could easily destroy the world. Additionally, it's mentioned that balefire takes a considerable amount of strength to produce. Moiraine was no slouch in terms of strength among Aes Sedai, but she herself mentions that she could probably only erase a few seconds of time if she used all her strength. I'm not sure exactly how long Rand and Rhavin's fight lasted, but I doubt it was more than 30 minutes or so, and Rand put everything he had into the balefire he used to kill Rhavin. I'm not going to look up the relevant passages, but there you go. Just because it was used with positive results in the past doesn't mean it isn't (incredibly) dangerous, and the characters in the series rightly recognize that. Also, about balefiring Semi to get Rand's hand back, that isn't going to happen. As I stated above, it takes considerable strength in the power to erase more than a few seconds of time, so it's probably too late. Secondly, Rand wouldn't allow it - he doesn't hurt women, ever. Thirdly, Semi probably has loads of valuable information on the DO's activities, and if she can be coerced to give it up it will greatly help Rand win TG. Lastly, Rand is a Tyr figure, so him being one handed actually makes sense.
  9. Because the characters are told time and time again that balefire is bad. Even the forsaken are afraid of it.
  10. I have one concern with this Lanfear-was-stilled theory. Who was it that healed her? Healing stilling wasn't exactly widespread knowledge when Cyndane stepped onto the scene. Actually, I'm fairly sure she showed up before Nynaeve even made that discovery (but I may be wrong - it's been about a year since I read through the series). Without at least a general idea of the answer to that question, the entire theory kind of falls apart.
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