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  1. Just wanted to ask shaidar above me to remove his oversized avatar. its realy annoying...
  2. I think Rand and the DO will have peace, and they will seat down together with a pipe and some two-rivers tabac (the DO loves that stuff), and then they will talk about old times like when Lews tried to seal DO in his prison and he got mad and tainted Saidin, and they would laugh and laugh... just kidding of course.
  3. I think its more annoying to both of them, and they would rather get rid of it then use it to spy on each other...
  4. Are you reading the same books as i am? Rand cant even harm woman forsaken who are more evil then any aes sedai, and you want him to enslave houndreds of woman to be damane??? besides that, he wants the white tower on his side for the last battle.
  5. It is like you said with the spears, and everytime a maiden gets a kiss, if she likes it they pull the spears a little back, and if its a bad kiss they move it closer. Mat said he didnt get any cuts so i guess they thought he was a good kisser.
  6. Min isnt blond.. Besides , if anyone has a theory on how to seal the bore its Lews-therin, not some library of what i suspect are only stories and no real information.
  7. Elza wasnt on the sea folk ship either, she was with the tower aes sedai who swore later and Min saw that each of those will "serve Rand in her own way" (which included Surila), and Elza does serve Rand, she thinks it doesnt interfer with her being a DF.
  8. He can still do the hand motions, he just doesnt have a hand. Use your imagination. Besides, i remember him saying that he still felt his hand tough it wasnt there, so maybe it wont bother him. Or maybe he will just learn to do without, he is the Dragon reborn he has no choise.
  9. I think your post is very interesting and i have a question of my own about channeling. When a male and a female channelers are linked, and lets say the male is in control of the flows, then he channels Saidin and Saidar, but he does it the way he learned. so if he tries to make a gateway using the Saidin way with Saidar does it work like it should? When Rand cleansed Saidin the aes sedai who were sent to examine the place said the weaving was nothing she ever saw, like they werent made by a woman. Also, when they are linked does the male see Saidar weaving, does he see only his own or can he see Saidar coming from other channelers not linked with him?
  10. Why are you saying that? we dont have prove that Saidar is failing or Saidin! As far as we know all the funny things that happend were a result of the use of the bowl of winds. It was never stated after the battle in Illian that wierd things with the power happend again so as far as im concerned it has passed. Or maybe you mean the wards in the tower? that is a result of the DO effect on the world not Saidar... The unweaving has been used by aiel wise ones for a long time before that so i dont think it has anything to do with everything.
  11. Cadsuane is trying to teach rand to be strong and not hard and teach him manners and make him remember how to laugh and cry, but thats just Rand. We and she dont know what she will teach Rand and the ashaman both. But she said she had a list to choose from so we might find out soon. And who said Saidar is failing?
  12. I dont think so. Rand and other ashaman all say its clean and since they know Saidin a bit more then Cadsuane i think they will what the taint feels like. Also i think the aes sedai who bonded Narishma (forgot her name) also said that she linked with him and she thinks it is clean (in KoD in front of the rebels council). And the prophecis say that Rand will heal the wounds of madness and cutting of hope, so i think that Rand cleansed saidin completly. That said, i have no idea what Cadsuane will teach Rand and the ashaman but i dont think it has something to do with saidin in a direct way...
  13. No i dont think you can be a blademaster if you fight with another weapon. maybe you can be an axemaster or staffmaster, but you are only a blademaster if you wield a blade using the forms. Rand was a blademaster since the end of TGH since he killed a blademaster in a fair fight, and i think that Mat Perrin and Hurin can confirm it if it is needed. And also i remember sometime in the waste Lan told Rand he is coming close to the level of a blademaster, and Rand thought that since Lan was cheap with compliments he might be already there.
  14. The question is why would they pay taxes? they arent getting any services from the queen and had to defend themselfs from whitecloaks and trollocs.
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