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    @ peregrine: Yeah, there is a trilogy after The Voyage called The High Druid of Shannara. It's about Grianne Ohmsford (the fromer Ilse Witch). The newest book he just released takes place about 100 years or so after that trilogy. Chronologically, that would be the "newest" series of events in the Shannara universe. The Genesis series happens after the Word and Void if im not mistaken. I just havent gotten to any of those yet because I haven't finished the word and void (and probably wont for a while)
  2. BobbyHulse


    I tried to read the Word and Void series but it's so completely different I haven't finished it. I did read the newest Shannara book that came out last week. It takes place after the High Druid series and is pretty good. It's starting a whole new trilogy. Wards Of The Faire I believe it's called, you should check that out.
  3. BobbyHulse


    Well I've read both (all 3 LOTR books) and I can certainly see the similarities. I just wouldn't call it a complete rip-off. But that's just my humble opinion.
  4. I'm not sure where you live but it snowed in my area this past Christmas. I live in Virginia. I was in New Jersey though and it snowed even more, in fact we were snowed in. We had to shovel our way out of my grandmothers house. It was nuts
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    I don't really agree with the whole "it's a ripoff of LOTR" theory. I mean yeah, it does have some similar elements in the first book written (Sword of Shannara) but the similarities end with that book. The rest of the series goes in a completely different direction. There are some common reoccurring themes like Druids = Wizards and the existence of dwarves and elves, but you could say that for pretty much any high fantasy series. LOTR is the inspiration for most things fantasy related.
  6. I love fall too. All the holidays, and my birthday is the day after Christmas. I know that is technically in Winter but it happens right after the season starts changing
  7. BobbyHulse


    I got through the original trilogy and all the books after. I have also read First King of Shannara which is a direct prequel to the Sword Of Shannara. I've been trying to get through the Word and Void since they are actually prequels for the entire series but it is just so boring and so much different than the rest of the books. I think I liked the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy the most out of the series, particularly when they discover "ancient" tech which is actually (spoiler) modern day stuff. Brooks is supposed to continue on after the High Druid series after he finishes the second book of the duology he has going now (which take place between the prequel series and the First King of Shannara). That's all well and good to me like I said I'm going through my first read through of WoT and I just started a Crown of Swords. I'm hoping to finish the rest before March of next year when the final book comes out.
  8. BobbyHulse


    Hey everyone, this is my first post here so forgive my noobness (and if this has been brought up before). Has anyone ever read any of the Shannara books? I've read through a good portion of it but it is on hold because of Wheel Of Time. I actually just started on A Crown of Swords.
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