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  1. Taim's identity is still a secret to us all, except that he is not Demandred, because RJ has said so multiple times (just straight out: Q: Has Demandred ever posed as Mazrim Taim? A: No.). I can, of course, not be 100% sure he is a secret to us all. Maybe Terez has a theory about him? Thanks! Who is this ubiquitously mentioned Terez? I'm pretty new to the online scene of WoT.
  2. I might be confused on what you're saying, but I'm pretty sure Egwene did swear the oaths when she had her ceremony to outroot Black Ajah.
  3. I was shot down for saying this earlier, so maybe I phrased it incorrectly, but I think the bottom line is that Egwene puts the White Tower above everything else, as has been pointed out before. She still wants the WT to be the main power in the world, with more communication and relationships with the other channelers, but still on top. She's not Elaida, power hungry just for the sake of being powerful. She is, however, in a position of power and does what she has to according to that position. I don't personally think she's a very likeable character, but she makes a competent Amyrlin, moreso than some of the more appealing characters would.
  4. Well yeah the BA and Forsaken did some messed up stuff. Elaida had her craziness maxed out under Fain's influence and with Alviarin's control made even more bad decisions. But as for Dumais Wells, don't forget Kiruna and some Salidar AS helped save him. Cads, Moraine, Siuan, Nynaeve etc have all done a great deal to help. As far as Eggy knew Rand was insane and shows up proclaiming he is going to break the seals and then refuses to explain. She doesn't have the luxury of our pov when reading the books to understand his transformation. If I was her I would have offered guidance in that situation too. She understands that the WO's and others would play a role as well. Per the channeler exchange program and her thoughts in that chapter it's obvious AS are no longer going to operate under the same MO as it relates trying to control all the groups. ToM I'm in the middle of reading ToM again bc I don't remember enough about it, but that's a good quote that I hadn't considered. And I think it's fair, from her point of view, to question the things Rand does when she has (rightfully so) thought he was mostly insane for a while, and he has all these hit-or-miss plans. Under the same MO or not, though, Egwene seems fairly convinced that the WT should still be the main power in the world, rather than her knowledge of the WOs, the Kin, the Windfinders, and even the BT leading her to question that notion (unless I missed it or haven't come across it again) and that kind of grates on me.
  5. Agreed! That regularly irritates me. How can she still think the White Tower is the end-all, be-all for a guiding force in the world when Aes Sedai have wronged Rand so many times. It seems like she should just take a step back and view the world from someone else's POV. I actually don't dislike Egwene. I think that a lot of the negative emotions stem from her seeming disloyalty toward her friends. She puts this organization in front of the individual, which is a good quality in a leader, but not an overly likeable or relatable one. I personally prefer a character who will at least consider damning the world for the people she loves (Nynaeve), but Egwene is almost turning into the female Galad. Respectable, great leader...not that personable. I think she works for what she is--the Amyrlin. Not the change-the-world and shake things up character that Nynaeve and Rand types represent, but a strong leader and capable of bringing a falling organization together.
  6. I thought Mazrim Taim's identity was really obvious, but everyone on this site seems convinced otherwise. I've read the books more than once, but sometimes I do a lot of my reading post ambien, so I'm wondering if I've missed something in the books or if it was just in an interview I never read. I thought he was one of the forsaken or Moridin (I haven't read them in a while, and I get kind of confused with the forsaken because I get a little bored with them, but whichever one was seen in the red and black room). Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?
  7. Thanks Nyn and Elgee (and everyone :) I probably will PM you about a couple of Qs.
  8. I'm a newb to the site too. And I felt the exact same way about the WOT series the first time I read it. I took them everywhere. Now, I'm just so glad they're in eBook form so I'm not lugging those huge books around when I re-read. Aviendha is one of my top 5 characters, too, and by the middle of the series I was falling in love with Mat, so beware!
  9. I definitely looked into it, but I'll admit I was a bit intimidated by the rules. I thought I might give myself some time to be aquainted with the decorum involved before jumping in and making an @ss of myself. lol. I created my name before I fully checked into the site...was I breaching some protocol? Should I change it? :/ I've been a bit overwhelmed having discovered this site today, and then all of the RP and everything else. It's been great, but also...a lot. :)
  10. By the way, apologies in advance if I get a little post happy at first. I am not only at the end of my quarter and taking time off from work for a shoulder injury, but also just excited to finally have someone to discuss these books with. I literally have not ONE friend who has gotten past book 6 or 7.
  11. It's sooo hard to pick a favorite, and believe me, I love the story as well. I think Mat is definitely up there, but he didn't make it until at least book 3. I have always loved Nynaeve and her relationship with Lan, and then Aviendha just cracks me up. I love her perception of the other characters, and I think her outlook lends so much to the series. I like Egwene, but she can be a little too serious at times. Siuan is somewhere in the list as well. I think just as fun as watching the characters develop is watching the relationships develop, and she and Gareth are pretty entertaining.
  12. I'm wondering why Moiraine seemed so convinced that Cadsuane was a darkfriend (in the prequel), and if that was supposed to be a hint. I never got that feeling at all. I personally like Cads for what she is, but I don't see why she has to be so manipulative when she seems perfectly happy being confrontational. Why play her cards so close and hide everything instead of being forthcoming and giving Rand (and the readers) real reason to trust her? I'm just not a fan of the sneakiness, and I don't know why she feels the need for it, what she feels like she would have to lose. Would her plans be so impossible by approaching them that way?
  13. Writing is a little more complicated than just putting words on paper. For good quality, it requires polish and editing, something noted to be lacking in TofM, and as a result Harriet asked for the extension to allow for more of an editing period. RJ would have taken 2+ years for each of these books. Brandon churned the first two out each in one year, and is hoping for one and a half years for the third. That is insanely fast for books this size--insanely fast. I personally wished he'd taken longer, and done more editing and indeed planning (for RJ's outline was no where near as complete as you make out), but meh. The fandom would have exploded in indignant rage if he'd tried. That makes sense. I did notice a certain unfinished quality to ToM, as much as I enjoyed the story. I guess I'm just so eager for them to be out!
  14. Here's a question for someone more in-the-know about these things than I am. I don't mean to sound critical, and I really appreciate that BS is making the effort to make this perfect. That being said, does anyone know what the actual hold up here is? The story was already outlined, and RJ had made at least some headway in it. I understand that wrapping up a series of this multitude is a complicated process, so someone please tell me - am I being unreasonable, or is this being dragged on a little long?
  15. I'm really into characters when I read books, moreso than the integral parts of the plot, so I loved the prequel. It definitely did not fall in line with RJ's usual heavy and elaborate writing style, though, so I can see where it would be thought of as reading like a "kiddie book".
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