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  1. . I forgot about rand and Mat's interaction. That was great +1 Some might not have liked the scene with Rand, Mat, and Tuon in Ebou Dar. However, I thought it was awesome, and the humorous one up man-ship between Rand and Mat was very funny to me. I really enjoyed that. Agreed. I was laughing out loud during that entire exchange.
  2. I am a slow reader, and just finished the book today after getting it the day it came out. I literally did not ever want to put the book down, though, but other responsibilites required me to every once in a while (read: job, family, etc). This will be a bit off topic, but here we go.. I started reading EOTW in 1999, my freshman year of college. Through the last 13 1/2 years, this series has been one of the very, very few constants in my life. No matter what happened, I always had this series, any of the books, going all the time. People came and went, two hockey work stoppages for varying lengths of time, school, work, etc, everything changed. But this story - Rand, Nynaeve, Egwene, Mat, Perrin, Elayne, Aviendha, Min, heck, even Padan Fain - were always there to keep me grounded, a center to focus on. I think this book, all of the deaths, all of the lives taken, all of the stories, was a most fitting end to a series that practically defined the Fantasy genre of books for the last 20+ years. I actually finished reading ToM about a year ago, and started again with EOTW (for my first re-read since I finished it nearly 12 years ago), and got through book 4 before AMOL came out. I cannot wait to go back and start reading book 5 so that I can live through all of this again. It's almost like reading the books again for the first time, as I had forgotten a LOT since my initial readings to now (thank goodness for the internet to remind me of who characters are). Anyways, that was really long winded, so long story short, I loved this book. I can't wait to read it again.
  3. Thanks everyone! No offense, but that sounds really bad! :)
  4. .. and wow, did that hurt! I'm C.J., new to the forums. I stumbled upon the site a few weeks ago looking up some information on the Wheel of Time series, when book 14 would be released, and found a link to a video on this site, so I finally decided to register. I didn't start reading the The Eye of the World until late 1998, and I just finished reading Towers of Midnight, so for the first time, I'm all caught up! I did read New Spring in between books 12 and 13, though. So, I started back to the beginning again because there is a LOT that I have forgotten over the last 13~ish years from the earlier books! This is easily one of my favorite series ever, and I can't wait to read it over and over again. I hope to have fun reading stories and theories from other people on the forums!
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