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  1. Thanks for approving my friend request! I very much apprciate it!

  2. Hello, Corwinsr! I just love your avatar! I was wondering if you can make me a signature with my name in black letters in the middle, a few ravens to the left, and Mat's fox medallion to the right, or you can just put a regular fox there if you can't do the medallion. I would also love to have it against a green back ground, if it's not too much trouble.

  3. :D I'm picturing myself with an apron and spatula and all the little wolfpups running around making trouble while their mentors shake their heads. That would be so awesome! I like microbrews. Saranac Black & Tan is one I tried last year that was good. Sadly I've been on a diet for a few months and beer is just not part of the equation these days. But I'm halfway to my goal of 175 so hopefully by November I can indulge again! I have to admit that I have a sister-in-law that makes unbelievably good sweet tea. I could drink pitchers of that easily. I haven't heard of some of the tequilas you mention but I'm saving your selections so I can try them later this year.
  4. I had forgot to mention that after I was at Ft.Hood and before I went to Kelly I was at Randolph AFB followed by a year in Korea (Kwang-Ju). When that station was closed we all moved everything to Anderson in *ta da* Guam! I shouldn't be surprised at this point huh? Okay so here goes my list. When it comes to beer, if I'm going for cheap then it's Miller Lite but if I'm wanting something with more character and taste for that matter, it would be either Shiner Bock or Newcastle Ale. For tea (I'm assuming iced since niether of us are British :P) I just like fresh brewed restaurant tea by the pitcher - no sugar. Now with tequila, if I'm going to mix it with something then Jose Cuervo or Tarantula Plata if I can get it, but if I want just a good shot or more of straight tequila I'd prefer Zafarrancho Gold. Both gold though, I'm not a big fan of silver or mezcal generally. Finally chili. I don't like recipes that are super hot but I don't want plain either. It's harder to say on chili because it's more of a home cookin' kind of thing rather than restaurant. I know with or without beans can be controversial but for me it has to have beans (ranch style usually), good chili meat (round or chuck as long as it's not ground beef), chopped onions, ground cumin, some oregano and garlic and as much chili powder as you want and tomato puree and tomato juice. You can add whichever fresh chili peppers you like and let them flavor the batch. This is my family's recipe here. It's the mild version but I prefer mine a little hotter. Ha, I know you didn't ask for the chili to be that specific but I started thinking of the way I would cook it and got carried away!
  5. I like it though!

  6. I think it's too late to change it to Despothero.

  7. Kadena huh? I was able to swing a trip to Tokyo during a brief stay in Guam. Sadly the Imperial Palace was closed for renovations, but I had a great time playing around the subway and seeing the sites. I managed to get some good pictures from the top of the Tokyo Tower, even though it was raining at the time. I was only in Guam for a short TDY while I was stationed at Kwang Ju AB for a year. That happened between Ft.Hood and Kelly btw. Sorry about your RX7, that sucks. So you mentioned the Air Force was trying to get people out, that's interesting because I was part of the base closings period and they did the same. That wouldn't be around the same time would it? I have one kid, a boy, best thing that ever happened to me. I quit smoking and started getting in shape again because he saw Frequency with me and it made a big impression. If you have a chance to catch the movie you'll understand - also it's a really great movie. Good luck with the corrupting angle, I hope it works for you. I've managed to corrupt mine into watching action/sci-fi movies. Of course she's corrupted me so that I watch romantic comedies and dramas so I'm not really sure who won.
  8. That's strange, I've been having notification problems too. I get emails ok but I don't get the notifications within the site. I'm fairly certain I have everything checked right in my settings but I guess I need to go line by line and make sure. Anyway... I understand what you guys are going through being this close to the wedding day. It just gets crazy right up until you take the vows it seems. We were lucky because we had our date planned for May the year we got married, but the year before - in November - I found out my credit was not good enough to get a loan for our house so we had to do a joint loan to qualify, but they would only approve it if we were already married. It took a couple of days to convince our pastor but that week we got married in his office with his secretary as a witness and we didn't tell anyone. The following year in May we had our ceremony as planned and the one thing everyone said about my wife was that she was the calmest bride they'd ever seen! Now this is gonna make your head spin: the loan was a VA loan. That's right, in addition to everything else we appear to have in common, I'm also an Air Force vet. My AFSC was 275X0, Forward Air Control and Radio Repair. I was at Ft.Hood as a liaison and later at Kelly when it was Security Hill *age hint, please ignore*. I sincerely hope you win that battle and get to come back here; I'd like nothing more than to spend an evening talking over beer, tea or whatever. Hell maybe even chili and tequila!
  9. I'm still figuring out how all this works. I posted in the Wolfkin RP group with Winterwinds but I didn't introduce myself in the Wolfkin social group. I think I did it backwards huh?
  10. ;) Yeah, I guess I am! My only other forum experience also used the IP Board brand of forum so when I came here it looked very familiar - other than the color scheme - and we had a pretty big selection of smilies to play with. Guess I got used to them. Every board seems to have it's own way of talking though, kind of like an accent. But there is something comfortable about the traditional ones, I've noticed quite a few people here use them.
  11. Oh boy, I didn't mean to sound like I was boasting or anything. Actually nuclear medicine is just injecting a radioisotope and recording the scanner that picks up the radiation. I wouldn't actually be doing the diagnosis though. I hope I didn't spill the beans on Despo but it came up during a thread not a PM so I think I'm safe *whew!* Wow! That was back in the 60's. I think that was in your neck of the woods if I remember correctly. He came up in class a couple of times along with Michael DeBakey from Houston, my hometown. It must have been exciting to have worked with someone that famous.
  12. Whoa! Being new I decided to stumble around DM and see some of the sights and I come across this article written by Despothera in which he references The Chronicles of Amber - which is where my username comes from! Sorry, OT but I had to comment on that little bit of synchronicity.
  13. Hello! I just joined yesterday so we're new together. Welcome!
  14. No, that's my major. I'm wanting to get into ultrasound and nuclear medicine mostly. The demand here is amazing so it should be really good pay once I'm done. I just hadn't expected it to be so... I guess exhaustive is the right word. I intended to start reading WoT over a year ago but a friend told me to wait till I could really sink my teeth into it. I wasn't able to do that until this summer thank god. I guess I would have been here a long time ago otherwise. Thanks about the avatar. Now that I've dusted off photoshop I think I'll start working on a sig banner. So I forgot to ask when you mentioned your fiance - do you guys have a date set? Also I was curious what caused you to end up in SC.
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