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  1. Is this old yet? I mean, i may not post often but i visit multiple times a day. It seems people are more concerned with identifying who they *think* wrote xyz instead of actually concerning themselves with the plot. I don't care who wrote what, its all canon now. Its all we're going to get.
  2. There are plans to definitely not have any more books released. There WILL be an encyclopedia released
  3. From my understanding, all the proceeds from this go towards another writer that needs it for his cancer treatment or something, and Tor doesn't see any of it
  4. Love the idea behind this. Don't think its what RJ had going, but its got a nice feeling to it.
  5. Unless every age is exactly the same amount of years, wouldn't it be an oval wheel? Ovalical?
  6. Ive just decided to call Nakomi the 'rudder' for the wheel. The wheel uses ta'veran effects to promote a cyclical effect, and though its never made entirely clear, the 'random' effects it causes helps promote a cyclical conclusion to each spoke of the wheel. Sometimes the wheel needs someone to die, so they trip over a gnat and fall headdown the stairs. It needs a child to live, so when he falls off a balcony he lands perfectly fine. Each tiny piece guides the wheel on course in its cyclical nature. Nakomi is just a person representing the wheel that turns the course of future history back towards a cyclical path if it gets off course. Nakomi didn't seem to do much in her meeting with Aviendha, but from an authors perspective, without her appearance the wheel would have gone off course, and therefore giving him reason to include her. In my opinion, if Nakomi hadn't appeared, the future that Avi saw would have happened. The wheel rejected this future and Nakomi was spun for a brief time to correct the path.
  7. Birgette was spun out exactly when she was supposed to. Its a feature of the third age that she is ripped free early. As per RJ, the only thing unique about this age is Mordeth/Fain. Therefore, Birgette does this every third age.
  8. Pretty sure Tuon didn't agree to set free Damane that wanted to be set free. She was trying to get her to say it, and she wouldn't
  9. Bottom of page 803 mentions "a blood" instead of "blood"
  10. Just finished it. Didn't really like the epilogue or Padan Fain's death. Didn't like that Rand was burnt out. Didn't like the lack of resolution with him just riding into the sunset and we don't know what will happen with the wondergirls. Was upset that Cadsuane didn't forsake the oaths and become younger so she could be amrylin for 300+years. That being said, i really enjoyed it, and it was very satisfying. Loved the pace and the action, the sense of overcoming impossible odds. Loved that anyone could die, and found myself rereading paragraphs when Siuan, Romanda, Gawyn and a few others died. I thought Galad and Lan had died in their scenes and was kinda confused when they turned up again. I thought at first that Lan was standing over his corpse as a HotH like Birgette was. I plowed this book in 2 days, so definitely need a reread.
  11. That was my first thought as well. Every time it says that Androl just doesnt have the power to push through
  12. I think Nyn would love to cure the symptoms of TP use. If Rand switches bodies with Moridin that is.
  13. Because she was someone that Verin positively identified as *not* BA
  14. Rand's philosophizing is nothing compared to what we had to endure in the preaching of Richard in Sword of Truth. I'll take what Rand has to say over Richard any day of the week.
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