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  1. I wonder how it ends with them ;D WAIT don't tell me if you know! Perhaps Perrin will face that he was wrong about them, join their ranks and after a couple of long years raise to Lord Captain Commander?
  2. haha awesome man! I should by those audio books one day but for now I think I'll stick with the books reading them in my own speed. ;D
  3. Welcome to DM Giovanni :) You started reading the series a year ago and finished now? That's impressing will I say. I started reading the Eye of the World in november 2008 and I'm in the final chapters of the Shadow Rising. But I've taken a couple of breaks too I shall admit. Hope you enjoy it here
  4. thanks Corki! ;D and I'll do that Elgee, thanks a bunch! I guess I'll find everything I need to know there then. I have been trying to be more active in Tarvalon.net but they seem to take it pretty serious. You have to raed a hundred pages to become a full member and they don't even roleplay.. I think I like it better here :)
  5. yeah you look quite familiar jelly hehehe u should come to the other forum me and loth (Playne) made.. We are active there these days. http://wheelstories.16.forumer.com/index.php I never actually roleplayed in any section so I should just perhaps make a character in the warder section?
  6. Yeah, they can seem fair the first time you hear about them and their goal my be good but their ways just sucks
  7. Yeah I hope so : D I try to convince mike here that Geofram not neccecarily would see Perrin as a darkfriend. He was a wise man, just a bit brainwashed after years in the ranks of the whitecloaks
  8. You make a pretty good point there Mike but even so there are several reasons for Geofram to see the whole picture with Perrin differntly after Falme 1: If Geofram was given the time after the battle(that would have required his survival ofc), he would have noticed (on the dead bodies and on the seanschans the children most likely would capture)that the damane-women in their grey clothing and the sul'dams for that sake would've been dressed very different from the Aes Sedai he knew about. And with a small investigation involving some interregation he would be able to realize that the sea
  9. yeah I look forward to see how it ends with them. The only whitecloak character I liked that I can think of, (who comes close to having a brain) is Geofram Bornhald. He questioned odd incidents and didn't just bow to random orders. He was not certain about Perrin being a darkfriend either, like his son, the fool Byar and the other whitecloaks. I'm sure he would have realized that Perrin was on the good team and then tried to convince the other whitecloaks to turn their noses elsewhere. A pitty he died in Falme. :-\
  10. well I guess that's fair enough ;D but you must agree, they do annoy you!
  11. I just can't take the children of light seriosuly. They can never see any different and they are so stubborn. Will they never realize that they are heading the wrong way? picking on inocent people in the cities while trollocs keep attacking the borderlands. If they want to end the Shadow so badly why don't they assemble their armies and march to help the borderlands to fight off trolloc attacks? I'm soon finished with the Shadow Rising but so far I can't see any hope for them. They are annoying and their lack of view provokes me. will they ever change or do I have to jump into the book and
  12. I don't remember exactly where I was. I think it was a place called band of the red hands. But I used to rp with a gaidin-recruit who goes by the name Gidar Dogon but if I have the opportunity to become a fully trained gaidin immediatly I wouldn't refuse ofc ;D. I used to be a member of wot-communties like the greathall.org but that one is abandoned it seems. I've also been into tarvalon.net and a buch of smaller wot forums. Wheelstories: http://wheelstories.16.forumer.com/index.php and a place called Shadowrising being one of them ;D so where do you think I should start Elgee?
  13. hey i'm back after a couple of years! It warms my soul to see this site still active. My own wot forum had not the same fortune. It's good to be back. I'm looking into some rp. ANyone care to join? ;D
  14. Nope =) still reading but thanks all.. I guess I should be going to the structured wot-discussion right away then straight away then ;D
  15. I wonfder if someone have the guts to make the movies.. It'll be a huge project.
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