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  1. whats gonna happen when the series ends? the wolrd will spontaneously combust and we will all die...pretty straightforward :p
  2. *balefires okstate91* HA! it worked :P i just think it would be cool to do...i think i almost got it once... :P a house blew up tho...not sure if there is a connection
  3. wowo that is damn good i read it all...very nice, i like your writing style, lot like rj's
  4. so i was wondering...has anyone else tried to assume the void? cuz ive tried quite a bit and it is DAMN hardddddd what are your thoughts? has anyone done it successfuly?
  5. come on, with min, elayne AND avi (dont forget cads) to help he is unstoppable...he may be an idiot but the girls arent :D
  6. more n 2000...i say 2250
  7. have you read RedWall? Asmodaous... also, Ismael is a name used in other biblical stories...he is evil always (i think there are one or 2 ppl named him...i know 1 for sure)
  8. i first read the Golden Compass when i was 10 or 11...i didnt rly understand it tooooo well (i got most of it) and i read the subtle knife a year or so later... then a year or 2 after that i read the amber spyglass...i think if i had read them all when i was about 12 i would have understood them completely, so 11 is pretty ok.... as for WoT i started when i was just 15...as it was i didnt rly grasp everythign. It wasnt till my reread that i understood all that was going on...so 11 might be a bit young...the worst that could happen is that she wont understand the books, or the attention span may be a bit short...there are lots of plots/sub plots and the books are damn long...
  9. well that is what we are waiting for...the little book version...not the bloody great hard/paperback...
  10. yea, i like narishma too...i forgot quite a few...but i sitll love logain the best...its just so cool!
  11. sicne when in rand blind!? (ive read KoD...refresh me if i missed somethign plz)
  12. the lightning was random...who says it struck mat? it may have struck directly in front of him in which case the charge would travel to him and char him like bacon...as for balefire...i think if he was TARGETED it would not work, but if balefire was random it would just pass through him an dthat would be it...
  13. When you create a poll' date=' you have until the first vote to edit it.. Afterwords it is completely impossible to edit the poll.... You can possibly bug an admin to change it for you *I believe they have the power to do it* However it just be easier to start a new thread, and direct all new comers to that one.[/quote'] yea...ther are too many names and thsi poll is already up...
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