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  1. KOD SR LOC FOH TOM EOTW TDR TGH ACOS TGS POD COT WH Can't really rate New Spring with the others.
  2. In order of most important to me Live: Mat - Because he is clearly the best character(entertainment value and most realistic) Galad - Ever since he cut down that mob to save Elayne and Nyneave I loved this guy. Moiraine - Just couldn't take her dying again. Egwene - No idea why readers hate her. Elayne - She is tough. Min- Does anyone dislike min? Aviendah- Just like her. Wow, with those last 3 I kind of feel like Rand. Dead: Gawyn - Plz can I have this one thing? He is probably the most useless fictional character of all time. Padan Fain - Too many terrible deeds to live
  3. This is a highly debated topic. I only ask this, if the voice is just madness and it is all a result of Rand going mad then how does he sometimes draw knowledge from LT. Do you guys think he has knowledge of LT and only the voice is a delusion? Isn't it possible that Rand is both going crazy and the voice is something real. Do the two have to be mutually exclusive?
  4. Do we know for sure that Demandred took his position at that time? Maybe he had to scheme a bit to secure his position. Don't we really only know that he took his rule when he says "My rule is secure".
  5. I know this is not probable because RJ and Brandon Sanderson are usually staightforward with their answers, but... There is the possibility that Demandred's alter-ego was seen in the series before he began posing as this character. Technically the person wouldn't have been his alter-ego at the time, so RJ's answer would still be true. I'm just throwing that out there because im with the group of people that believe it probably is Roedran, but this would be a huge let down.
  6. "The way she subdugated Gawen and Nyneave. Nyneave is older and wiser then you, more powerfull in the OP she dosn't deserve to humiliated like that, no matter how irritating she might be by herself. (If she tugs that braid one more time i sware I'll scream). You teated him like dirt, untill he actualy saved your life, then best you can do is make him warder under your twisted power hungry mind set. That is not how the warder bond is suposed to work!" Lets face it, Gawyn got off easy. He deserved alot worse. He is a terribly static character. He did absolutely nothing for 5 books except sit
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