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  1. In 2008, my son died by suicide. I was the one to find him and have suffered with PTSD. My oldest daughter was a big fan of Wheel of Time and gave me the first book in the series, to help distract me. I wasn't sleeping well back then, so this helped me get through many a sleepless night. I have now read all of the books in the series, multiple times and see something new each time. The world is so detailed and the characters so deep, it keeps my mind focused on something other than my loss. It has helped me to get through, day by day. To me, it will always represent a part of my healing proces
  2. In regards to quotations, i simply listed the wiki, but am aware of quotes from the books themselves. At the time I answered the query, I happened to be reading through a chapter that had pertinent information per the original question. I have not had time to go back through to find it, but I don't feel it is relevant anyway. Due to being jumped on in the fashion that I have, I've lost interest in the forum. Perrin enters T'A'R = true. Perrin has had information from T'A'R he would not have otherwise had = true. He has dreamed of possible futures = true. Perrin is not a male channeler = tr
  3. Shaidar Haran is the Myrddraal's name. IDK about your theory, I got a funny picture in my head of Fain telling the DO, MINE!
  4. Dreaming is the Talent of having dreams that foretell possible futures.[1] During Egwene al'Vere's training among the Aiel Wise Ones, little information was given about this aspect of the talent. The only real information is that a dreamer must decipher and know the truth of their own dreams; no one else can teach or guide it. This Talent is unconnected to the One Power. Egwene Dreaming Added by Seebster Known DreamersEdit Corianin Nedeal Egwene al'Vere Melaine Bair Amys Perrin Aybara (As a Wolfbrother) > When clicking on the wiki link for talent I see what you refer to, as
  5. Not to split hairs but there are specific quotes that list Perrin as a dreamer and state that the OP is not needed to enter T'A'R or be a dreamer. Also talents exist without use of the one power, such as Min's viewings.
  6. Perrin has the talent of dreaming. Entering T'A'R is unrelated to the OP; i.e., not having the ability to channel does not exclude one from being a dreamer. Slayer is able to enter and manipulate the dream as well. The difference between the wolf dream and T'A'R is splitting hairs, as it all is part of the same realm, imho. Perrin also sees possible futures in his dreams or is warned about things he would not otherwise be aware of. (the crux of the matter, no?) My best to all the other WoT fans out there!
  7. I have most of the books in txt format on my computer. I searched for Damandred in LoC and came up empty. In the Glossary at the end of CoS I found this Bold added by myself obv. It doesn't say what encounters, just that there have been some to date. I hope this helps. PQ
  8. I actually did think they were illusions, especially because when Rand shot an arrow at their eyes, he hit them with great accuracy. This seemed to surprise him. Yes, he's a good shot, but shooting them in the center eye at such a distance? Anyway, this was my thought when reading it. Everything was just "too perfect" to have been coincidence. She manipulated the situation somehow to a precise detail and caused them all to be driven right where she wanted. IMHO Lanfear created the illusion of the Grohlm and caused Hurin, Rand and Loial to see what she wished them to see.
  9. I just read another quote:
  10. Can rule Bashere out as well, since he first appears in the fourth book.
  11. It implied that Gareth Bryne thinks that Murandy could wield a large army if united. But he first appears in tEotW so this excludes him. He is another early on character.
  12. I also don't think it's Galgan, as he has blue eyes. Darkfriends have dark to black eyes due to the saa. How would he have blue eyes?
  13. I can't help but think it's Taim even though RJ said it isn't. Damandred is described as thinking he is better than LTT and the other Forsaken and is the equal of LTT as a military commander. This fits Taim, but it's just too obvious. This is the sort of person who will not sit in the background waiting, he not only feels he is numero uno, he has a great need to show it. Perhaps the books haven't revealed him at all. Saying he didn't appear as any other character before KoD doesn't say that he has appeared after either. Possible he hasn't even shown up yet as "someone else?"
  14. During one of Rand's final visions, Jonai was given orders to lead the Aiel by Solinda Sedai, in the Hall of Servants. Could the blank in the blight be Paaran Disen? This would seem to make sense. Sorry for the mulitple theories, sometimes thinking out loud like this can cause someone else to come up with the correct answer (think pot).
  15. That was kind of my thought. I actually thought a grove; as Loial is constantly going on and on about the groves. This would call into play Treesingers, "the song" and possibly one hidden Nym. Also it would tie back into tEotW which would make sense in a way. Perhaps a stedding exists with Ogier ready to battle. It would possibly be nearby a city, as we all know the groves were nearby one. I like the theory about the Portal Stone and also the army being raised by Damandred raising an army there per his quote about being secure and ready. PS What about Lan and the Malkier? That needs t
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