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  1. Yes, I had forgotten how weak in the power Elayne was. It would be truly impossible for her to put a mask on anyone. Thanks for clearing that up. The BA rescue doesn't have anything to do with it. If she hadn't been so reckless she wouldn't (and shouldn't) have put herself in that position in the first place. She has no need to be questioning darkfriends. If she was your boss at work and micromanaged everything you did, you'd feel differently. She lives in a dream of safety. Her babies will be fine, therefore she will be fine. It doesn't work that way and she's the only one
  2. Absolutely not. In the first case, I do not believe that Elayne's actions in visiting the prisoner were in any way reckless. We are talking about a prisoner, in Elayne's dungeon, with armed guards just outside the door, who is shielded, by channelers who are just outside the door, who have been informed she is in there, she is disguised as a Chosen so Chesmal has no reason to attack her, Elayne is holding the Source, and can leave via Gateway as soon as there is trouble. How many precautions do you want her to take? Chesmal has no reason to attack, and even if she wanted to she could only do s
  3. Elayne! She seems like one of those Paris Hilton types that can put on a good show, but is really an idiot when it comes down to it. She makes terrible decisions regarding her own life and the lives of her children and her scenes make me want to puke. I don't care who is looking at her and who sees her getting a bath or what kind of clothes she's going to wear to make an impression on this one or that one. The only thing that could make me hate her more is if she had a little poodly fricking shiteater in her handbag and wagged it around all day.
  4. You make some good points. If we look at the Sha'rah game in PoD Prologue, we see that it is possible for either side to win regardless of which side the Fisher is on - but it is also possible to win by ignoring the Fisher and just going for a wipeout. Rand (the Fisher) might be the most important piece on the board, but if, for example, Egwene lead a crusade that destroyed all the Shadow's forces and Rand sat things out, the Light can win without him. Likewise, even if he turns to the Shadow, the Light can force a win by manipulating him into acting in ways that benefit the Light. I thin
  5. Moridin's body is not necessarily in great shape, seeing as how he's been using the True Power exclusively for some time. He might be wanting to steal Rand's body by now. Moridin still has all his various parts though. Rand has the scars and no hand. Maybe thats part of Nynaeve healing him is healing the destruction of the True Power?
  6. It's as good as confirmed. Every single person in the WoT is someone reborn. If the taint wasn't the cause as Semy(an expert in the field said) it would very well be a common occurrence with everyone in the story. I wouldn't put so much faith in the words of a forsaken, to me it seemed an obvious attempt to sow doubt within Rand and his followers. But that doesn't mean it isn't true. That's true, but there's no reason to think that the Creator's champion can't get a bit of help from his past incarnation if the situation calls for it. There's no reason to think he can, either. If w
  7. I'm pretty sure he has to die and live again. I just figured it was a given that he would die and somehow be resurrected. The only thing I could see changing that is if he dies through his link to Moridin. It says "red on black, the dragons blood stains the rocks at shayol ghul." Considering Moridin always wears red and black (but then so does Taim) it seems resonable to me that one of them dies on shayol ghul and then Rand maybe takes the body that's in better shape. lol, I hate prophecy.
  8. I think Rand has to die. I'd like to see Elayne die in a goopy soupy mess giving birth to her kids.
  9. I'm Luke. I've been reading the Wheel of Time series for a long time but never tried out any kind of site because I didn't have time. I recently lost my job and didn't really have anything better to do, so I figured I'd look around some and see what was out there. I didn't realize so many people had so many ideas on what was going to happen with the series. Perrin is my favorite, with Mat a close second. I don't like Egwene (seems like a lot of people do considering what I've read) and I despise Elayne. I'm hoping she pops out her babies and dies on the spot. I also like all the general
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