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  1. it is funny to see the variability on peoples preferences
  2. Well obviously I am brand new to this website (1st post!) but I am not that new to WoT. Read through the series twice without ever really discussing the series with anybody (aside from my brother and only a little bit.) I just went on amazon to see what the books were rated and I want to know what the hard core fans think. If you were forced to order the 14 books that are out (including new spring) what would that list look like? Oh and i just finished new spring for the first time (I never even knew it existed!) and it was awesome. I think i would have been miserable reading it as a first book (before eye of the world) but i just loved reading about Moiraine + Siuan. I saw a lot of hate for Crossroads, and while i admit it is slow, it is what makes the last 3 books so epic! Without the build up from these slow books (8,9,10) i don't know if 11,12,13 would be as awesome. I mean i really felt immersed in RJ world when i read those books, i saw dead flowers outside and just figured it was the dark one and the end of the world was approaching! not going to bother with a full list, but my favorite include, EotW, and Gathering Storm.
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