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  1. Though I understand its what is usually done, The Ebook should be released at the same time not later. Anyone who wants to buy the hardback will buy it even if the ebook is out. I for one know that I will be buying both ebook and hardback.
  2. your wall looks lonely so I think i will post on it for you.

  3. While I do have a Barnes and Noble Nook color, I also like to collect the hard back copies of the books a really enjoy. For instance every year I get a Harry Potter book in hard back as well as a WoT book in hardback for Christmas from my parents. I think that there are many people out there like me that like to have a visible library even if they do the majority of their reading on a Nook or Kindle. Another thing is Vinyl is coming back because people have realized that the sound quality is so much better. Nine inch Nails has produced an album on vinyl as well as John Mark McMillan and other well known Artists. I actually just got a Turntable and a series of Vinyl Records along with a few of my friends. So even if paper books do go out of style there will always be a market for them to someone who thinks they are neat much like Vinyl or even Film cameras rather than digital cameras. No one sells film anymore besides specialized stores and online shops that are really expensive but some people like film cameras still. Yeah there will be kids that will say WHAT IS THAT! when they see a real book or a record or film but there will always be those Hipsters or Retro people that like them like anything else that is old fashion.
  4. Honestly I thought of the same thing recently when I was thinking about the earlier books. I don't have an answer to that unless RJ decided to change what happened after the use of BF in the later books.
  5. Was it? Huh well there goes that. Didn't remember it saying it was in the blight. O well -shrug-
  6. Just going to through out the whole idea that Moridin Is often seen in a room of black stone that contains alot of Object of power; kinda sounds like the black tower to me. I vote a possible yes, but A minion could be correct too.
  7. Honestly, His Luck did pull through if you think about it. (not that it matters) Because the letter WAS opened at the right time because if it hadn't been then The Band wouldn't have thought that the fires were caused by Trollocs and The city would be lost(I think the Band will save the city). If they just saw fires they would have thought it to be an accident and wouldnt have gone to help until it was too late to win the fight. So Regardless, Verins plan doesn't really matter as long as the City isn't lost to the Trollocs which it probably wont be due to the fact that we see that Andor still has there "Dragons" long after the final battle. Just my thoughts anyways
  8. Not to mention the Medallion, maybe it can stop SH power like it does the one power. I think Perrin will be busy with Slayer but He does have the foreshadowing so it could be both.
  9. Maybe this has been said but... Maybe Going along with the dream about Logain, Rand, and "The Black Rock" Rand Finally returns to the Black Tower and stands on the Black Rock to make a Speech and Taim Kills him (Could Taim be a forsaken? I can't think of anything that proves he is not.) then Logain kills Taim (thus his laughter) If this Black Stone is The Rock from Shayol Ghul then him dying on it could be the blood spilled. eh?
  10. I have never understood the fan fascination with Bela or where you would get the tanker to refuel the F/A-18 prior to the flight into the Bore. Everyone knows they use up almost all their fuel on takeoff. Seriously, I don't understand all of the fuss over Bela (the horse or the incredibly boring, bland looking, wanna be vampire!). It is quite annoying. Come on you don't have to LIKE the horse but don't put the Taint that is the TWILIGHT SAGA on the poor thing
  11. exactly what I was going to say! Siuan will probably be riding bela at the last battle or there abouts. Maybe she dies or we always see horses going to their owners aide or finding them when they are nearly dead. Maybe Rand gets hurt and Bela finds him and wakes him up from being unconscious or somethings. Eh probably not
  12. No one likes to Bloody toss dice in college. Its all about the frisbee, there is no flamming money in frisbee

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