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  1. Setalle being Martine was just something I picked up from WoT encyclopaedia, but my whole post is a 'what if'
  2. Thanks bong, looks like I could do with reading it whole thing again :)
  3. As a mirror of Rand... This would fulfil nicely several prophecies/visions, 'The two must be as one. If you would live, you must die.' - The two could be good and evil, Rand and the DO? Min's vision of Alivia killing Rand - If she is in the circler of 3 welding Callandor ? The Dragons blood stains the rock of SG - the dragons blood or 'a' Rand's blood?
  4. Pol was imprisoned or his mother had just saved him? But at the end the whole continent was at war with an invasion force? There was nothing resolved in the last book as I remember? I felt the second trilogy was to transition from Rohan to Pol, but it would be Pol's story of the fight to regain the continent. I has been 20 years since I read these books so forgive if I have remembered it all wrong. I have always felt like it was left unfinished.
  5. I remember reading these books and that I loved them, I can't remember the in's and out's of Sunrunning so can't comment on who would win between the two systems, I do remember that there are some other similarities to WoT, an 'Old Tongue', Desert people, Sunrunners Oaths. But I also seem to remember that the story isn't finished we were left at the end of the second trilogy with a cliffhanger???? I may be wrong, please correct me if I am. Either way they were a great read, and as I finished my last WoT reread last week, Maybe just the thing to fill in some of the time from now to Jan 8th 2013 :)
  6. Personally I think Setalle Anan will play a huge part in AMOL, heres a possible turn of events. Elayne, at the gathering in FoM has heard of the attack on Caemlyn and has returned with her army, Rand has sent his Loyal Asha'mem to help too led by Logain. The Band have cleared the streets and city and the Trollocs just hold the palace when they get there. But Setalle has rushed into the city to find Oliver, After the Battle of Caemlyn Setalle Anan is found injured and unconscious by an Asha'man and healed....Fully She awakes as Martine Janata. They realise that during the battle that the palace was ransacked, the trollocs and Fades were looking for something... Elayne's stash of Angreal, Sa'angreal and Ter'angreal. With her Talent to read them along with Elaynes notes they know what each can do.. As thanks for saving Caemlyn Elayne gives some to the Asha'man these will help cleanse the BT (maybe something to break the DO's hold on them, break the 13x13, or just knock out everyone in the tower at once), Talmanes manages to get one for the Band as payment for clearing the city of shadowspawn (maybe the dice one so the whole band can have some of Mat's luck even if he's not there) But there is one Setalla/Martine recognises, it's the one she went to Ebou Dar to find in the first place to give her life purpose after been stilled,(before getting side tracked by a husband and kids) and this she must get to the Dragon Reborn before he goes to the LB, But Rand has gone to SG already so they give it to Logain to use at the LB (Maybe this is so he can achieve his future glory from Min's visions) Elayne then teaches Setalla/Martine Travelling and she leaves on her own as everyone else marches for the BT or LB ? Setalla/Martine goes to Edou Dar to find Tuon and straighten her out once and for all, and who better to do that? a Truthspeaker? Well it's all possible? why else have an expert in items of the one power in Caemlyn with a stash of them at the same time as a massive unexplained attack by the forces of the dark? and it would also lead to a nice scene when Mat shows up in Edou Dar and Setalla is there ahead of him and Truthspeaker for the Empress, and Aes Sedai to boot. Mat looks again, yes it is Setalla, he hardly belives his eye, the foxhead goes cold against his chest and Stella smiles at him and winks, Mat just has time to mumble, Blood and Bloody Ashes, before the dice start to thunder inside his head......
  7. Greetings to you all, I was in Eason's (a larger bookshop) in Dublin, Ireland in the mid '90's buying a Raymond E Feist book when the girl on the checkout handed me a small blue book and said it was free to anyone buying a fantasy genre book. I said thank you and popped it into my bag. I started reading 'Magician' by Feist and left the little blue book on the shelf. It was weeks later that I found myself one night bookless and sleepless, casting an eye over the bookshelf for something to read I saw the little blue book and picked it up.... The next morning I got a bus into the city and went back to Easons and bought 'The eye of the world' as I had finished 'The Blue promo' in one sitting and was hooked. I have being living with the Wheel of Time ever since. I first found Dragonmount after reading of Mr Jordan's illness, and have been an huge fan of the site for years reading along as the excitement grows with each new book launch drawing nearer and then the analysis afterwards, and the anticipation starting anew. I just posted my first comment and thought it was way past time I said hello and expressed my humble thanks to Mr Jason Denzel and Co for all the work and dedication in making Dragonmount what it is. Living in Ireland I've never had a chance to go to any of the conventions or really meet another fan so reading along here has been a great way for me to learn more and understand better Randland and also get a feeling of a shared appreciation for the books the story and the authors. So Hello and THANK you. R'con
  8. My respects to Mashiara Sedai I always enjoy reading 'WoT if...' I see the visions as a possible future and possibly a twisted version of the future. Avi's whole trip to Rhuidean and the crystal columns has been marked by several anomalies. The mysterious Nakomi woman for starters should have had us all on guard for something unusual to happen. Avi is, as far as we know, the first to enter the crystal columns since Rand opened Rhuidean. As far as we know Aviendha still has the twisted ring with her and we know that 2 Ter'angreal closely related in purpose can affect each other. Avi's first trip in the crystal columns was as expected showing her the history of the Aiel, (Not an anomaly) She then tries to read the columns and has a vision as she is walking away from the Ter'angreal Avi then enters the columns for a second time. This would give Mr Sanderson several loop holes large enough to drive a cart through to get away from this being 'THE' future. The visions feed on Aviendha's own fears for her people and their future, and the fact that it's her own children that take the first steps that lead the Aiel to this horror plays on her sense of ji'e'toh, her honor and obligation to her people will drive her to change what she saw, Change the future where she has children, Change the future where she can have children with Rand. This could have been a play by one for the forsaken (as Nakomi) to hurt Rand and seed the ruin of the Aiel in one blow. If she denies her love for Rand, rejects him to stop the possibility of her children leading the Aiel to destruction and in the process this would give Rand one more heart ache before the Last Battle. At the time Avi left for Rhuidean Rand was entering his darkest time emotionally and before his epiphany the rejection by one of his three ladies could have tipped him over the edge. As for a future for the Aiel there are several options, the red veiled Aiel need to be dealt with, international peace keepers to serve the 'Dragons Peace'? But I think if anything can be taken from the visions that foreshadows their future it should be ...(chapter 49, Court of the Sun) I hope I got my point across clearly as it's my first post.
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