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  1. Hello, I remember a long time ago that DM was working on a CG movie for the Prologue of EotW. What ever happened to that?
  2. Didnt mean to make my first post as an Asmodean argument ;) RJ already said he will tell us, so I say we sit back and wait instead of killing eachother over it ;) EDIT: and No I've actually only read Knife of Dreams once. Well, I read the Moiraine letter a few times ;) And I believe Crossroads of Twilight only read 3 times, but the others I've read 4 times in straight shots.
  3. Greetings folks, I'm another Wheel of Time fan. I've read the series 4 times now, eagerly awaiting a 5th (silly college takes up too much time you know). Never really had alot of time for discussion, but I thought I would give it another go. I was on an emailer for a while, but 100 emails a day was a bit much for me to keep up with. I've made a couple posts on theoryland.com (as Malkier), but those are obscure, and mostly in the extremely long Asmodean thread :) Hmm, what else? Matrim is the best character in the series, but I know theres no argument there :twisted: And Lanfear killed Asmodean! *dunks* Anyways with that said, hope to see you guys and gals around. And if it matters, I live in Indiana. Im 23 and love female WoT readers? *chuckles* Sorry, that sounds too nerdy even for me. Anyways thats enough, onward ;)
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