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  1. People go back n forth with XP and VX. I am using VX
  2. I know thats why i said twice that i had to have them recolored lol! On the other note thanks! The egg is far from hatching I don't expect to have a demo ready until Christmas. I plan on releasing demo Christmas Eve. Hopefully a quarter of the book done but prolly much less lol. It will be as close to the book as I can make it and yes any help is appreciated. I need everything right now. Even just brainstorming for my database like what characters are what class? what spells should be in the game? what enemies what bosses? stuff like that. item names weapons armor treasure...all the little things will make it the most enjoyable thing ever. I also need voice actors. Plenty I need! I need original music for the game. I have a woman that has lent 20 pieces of original music for the game but the more the better. I need graphic people that know how to do spriting and photoshop people for template graphics. Phew....lots...
  3. Yea I agree and will keep Perrin as that. Anyone interested I got another possible title screen to show off as well as the characters themselves. Now don't expect any of them to look just like them and they all need recolored but I did what I could. Title Screen Characters Left to right, first row then second:Rand, Egwene, Nynaeve, Mat, Perrin, Lan, Moiraine Character Sprites in same order as faces Again PLEASE don't flame me for how they look. I realize Lan looks like he's 12 and almost half of it is colored wrong like eyes, hair etc. etc. I will take care of that but feel free to leave your opinions if it's constructive. Thank you.
  4. eh, lol...thanks for the input though i appreciate it but i think i'll keep perrin something more low class for the first one
  5. perrin had a beard in book 1? also nae i love your ideas keep it going lol!
  6. I like! Thanks for the input I will put these in my database. Facesets should be done by tomorrow. Don't expect much and they won't be finalized versions.
  7. ummm well i know no one has a rock hand in the book so i'm good on doing that haha....any other suggestions for classes and or just titles for the characters let me know
  8. I love hellboy but who in the eye of the world book has a rock hand? your cracking me up tho lol
  9. for anyone interested I have a title screen ready for preview. this isnt the final version just something to start with
  10. Yea I am serious but not on a big scale3 level...more like a hobby and passion to do something since i have yet to see it :)
  11. And I really appreciate you looking out for me. This isn't going to be on big scale. Graphics will be in 16-bit graphics lol. IDK I will consult with someone I know that knows all the loops and details. I just don't see how this is illegal....maybe I'm very dense lol. Ah well I will continue to work on my database and the game till I hear I can't. Hope I still have supporter's here. I'm loving the community here!
  12. I'm not really concerned about that because this isn't a commercial game. This is not something I'm doing to turn a profit it's simply something I'm doing as a fan to show Mr. Jordan how much his work means to me. There's nothing illegal about what I'm doing. It's equivalent to using a music artist's production work for your own song. It's not illegal till you make money off of it.
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