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  1. About the Tuon/Egwene meeting, I meant they are both stubborn and set in their ways of what they believe is right. So for me it would be interesting to see them interact in some dialogue.
  2. Appologies if this has been asked. But, what would be your biggest disappointment in AMoL if you didn't get to see or find out something? For me it would be no Mat and Tuon reuinion.
  3. crackpot theory from his last pov....he dashed out of the tent got his horse and gallops for the city....the band races after to protect him= he "lead" them lol
  4. Mat using the HoV A Forsaken showdown with someone Setalle being healed(thoguh its seeming less and less likely) Bela kickin the bucket Tuon meeting her stubborn equal in Egwene
  5. Bah to all this. Olver will lead the band into battle.
  6. Most will be identified when Setalle Anan is healed ;) ...seems like most readers have forgotten what she did when she was in the tower.
  7. 1. Setalle Anan being healed. The woman studied TaG's for 40 years, I think she will be able to explain what most of the ones Elaine has with her actually do. Remember she's with Mat and he's on his way there. 2. Olver being revealed as Gaidal. I know RJ said he wasn't Gaidal, but i think that was just another one of his slight of hand tricks. In this spinning of his life he's not "Gaidal" he's Olver. :) 3. Mat and his dragons in action. 4. Along with everyone else, where is Demandred?
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