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  1. I believe that Mat, Perrin, and Rand became Taveren not too much before Moiraine and Lan appeared in the Two Rivers, as in a couple of weeks. I don't quite remember this exactly. so hopefully someone with more knowledge (or more time to go quote diving) can confirm/deny.
  2. I think most people don't like Perrin because of his unrelenting obsession with his wife, his wife's capture, and his gonowhere plot. I think his introvertedness plays a minor part in the general dislike. For instance, I am absolutely an introverted person, and I liked Perrin until his plotline absolutely stalled out. Just my opinion though. Cheers :)
  3. Conan, as a fellow fan of WOT, you would be best served to be respectful of Terez, even if she is a little snippy sometimes. Maybe, I'm making an assumption based on your post count, and maybe you know a lot about WoT, but there are few, if any, that can match Terez in WoT knowledge. She has been over and under this series many times over, and has figured many things out about future plots beforehand by paying attention to minute details. So yeah, she might come off as rude at times, but she knows her stuff, so you're best served just disregarding any hostility you feel you may be reading (i'v
  4. Every loony theory is plausible unless team Jordan speaks against it That's BS. We don't need an official word to tell us that some things are just ridiculous. And there is a huge difference between Taimandred and Fain=new Dark One. One is plausible; the other is silly. Haha, so since Taimandred isn't plausible per RJ, that means Fain=New Dark One is the plausible option? I know it was just a poor example, but it was fun reading that and going, wait, what did you just say, Terez? BTW, we were all noobs once ;)
  5. Good points, I had forgotten about the early 'Battle of the Two Rivers' episode. This thought just popped into my head, but in a strange way Perrin is as much a fanatic concerning his devotion (Faile) as Galad is to his (Law & Order)....interesting.
  6. Hey, no problem Theodril. I was attempting to compare a friend I have with Perrin in the fact that, more often than not, it appears that nothing is ever more important than their wives. Case in point, this friend once arranged a long and late night guys get together, and then left an hour into it because his wife was home early and 'alone'. He is a cool and fun guy, but not such a great friend..... I guess this behavior of Perrin's, that he would deal with the DO, and that he would do anything to have his wife back hits a little close to home. So reading Perrin's 'shaido arc' is kinda roug
  7. I know one guy whose favorite character is Perrin; course, in real life he falls under this category, as put forth by Theodril: Blind following of his wife to a degree that almost erases his individual identity... If you have ever met anyone like this, or have become friends with a person who devotes themselves to no one but their significant other, then you can see why it would be rough to read. And Elan, I come to appreciate your posts more and more ;)
  8. Egwene, mostly cause she's super AWESOME, but also because Gawyn is a super IDIOT, and she deserves better. *Note the lack of sarcasm
  9. *balefires Eternal Phoenix* Sorry, man. Had to do it
  10. Thanks Elci! Glad you get it too :)
  11. Mmmmm.....agree to disagree then?
  12. Or Antidote ;) I don't recall any kind of foreshadowing that might give us a clue to that Darthe, but whose to say his blood couldn't be 'special' like you suggest. Maybe someone who has more knowledge than I might have some insight. Mr. Ares, you can't take out bits of prophecy, it ruins the context, so ignoring the 'red on black' part isn't really an option. Sorry though, I didn't remember that we had seen that the rocks at SG were black. However, the Aiel are Rand's blood, so there's no use saying that their blood can't be the fulfillment. It could be that Rand's literal blood will be s
  13. Sorry, i didn't mean any disrespect, and i I wasn't really responding directly to you, Tom :) I understand that's how you feel, and I'm not disputing it. Others would disagree, like the OP, but it doesn't really matter in terms of what the prophecy actually means. I was referring more towards those of us who adamantly say this prophecy absolutely means one thing or the other, when really it has a lot of different flavors to it, and many ways it could twist and turn.
  14. "Red on black, the Dragon's blood stains the rock of Shayol Ghul. In the Pit of Doom shall his blood free men from the Shadow." There are a couple of assumptions that are being made with the first line here. One, that Red means Blood, or more specifically the Dragon's blood (Rand's, Galad, Slayer, Aiel however you want to argue it). Two, that the rocks of Shayol Ghul are actually black. We know from our own experiences that human blood is red; thus, we make the easy and automatic connection, and tie the two together. We also know that sometimes rocks are black, and black is often the colo
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