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  1. Any long fantasy series with at least 5 books?
  2. I really enjoyed the last three books by Sanderson. It is not as good as Jordan at his best, but it is good enough for me.
  3. In Randland, the Creator doesn't care about the people. He is neutral, so I don't think one power is from him.
  4. Rand and his 3 lovers? they are 1 of my favorites. are we talking about couples that were alive during the series or about any couples the series mentions? me; I have no particular favorite. I am talking about any couple mentioned in the series, regardless of being alive or not.
  5. Who is your favourite couple in WOT?
  6. I would hate to be a darkfriend or a damane.
  7. Just finished new spring, and am starting on the eye of the world. Really enjoy this series, and I rather reread wheel of time than read some other fantasy books.
  8. New Spring can be read anytime. It will not spoil the story. I read it first during my reread.
  9. Is the wheel of time short story in it worth reading?
  10. Try not to skip. The first few books in the series is really good.
  11. I like Nynaeve. Her point of view is interesting for me. And I think her love story with Lan is the best.
  12. I dislike padan fain. Find him vicious and cruel.
  13. I like Verin. She is the only black ajah on the good side. Just wonder what happened after she died? Since she serve the dark one? Hopefully the creator redeem her.
  14. I like Sanderson's ending. I think he does a good job with the wheel of time. Of course, Jordan will have done a better job, but Sanderson is good, too.
  15. I am currently on a reread as well. I am at the shadows rising now.
  16. Of all the wheel of time book, which is your favourite?
  17. If you can choose but one place to live in in Randland, which will it be?
  18. So many of you dislike egwene. She is one of my favourite character. AS for me, my least favourite character is Padan Fain.
  19. Who is your least favourite character?
  20. Were there any darkfriends among Two Rivers or the Ogier? That is something I am always curious about.
  21. I am re-reading dragon reborn.
  22. Book cover is what introduced me to the wheel of time series. I was fascinated by the cover of the dragon reborn. But now, I don't buy books based on book cover anymore.
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