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  1. Dang it, you're right. THIS IS CONFIRMED IN AMOL GUYS!!!!!!!
  2. I loved that part and was grinning through it. To each their own I supposed.
  3. He actually has annotations for all his books, so you can learn a lot about his writing process. He plans everything out (he has hundreds of pages of notes on The Stormlight Archive), but he also likes throwing in a few new things as he writes and is willing to break from his careful plans when he finds something that feels more "right". Brandon's style of writing is amazing, but the differences that Wheel of Time has from Mistborn and The Way of Kings make it harder to write. Also, Brandon is working off of Jordan's plans, not his own.
  4. *Appears suddenly after having been a very small-time poster about a year and a half ago* I loved loved loved this book. I thought Brandon and RJ absolutely nailed the ending, although I can definitely see some flaws in it. I did start happily screaming when all the Chekhov's Guns came together. (Before I speak, I'll say that I started reading WOT in January 2011, and have only read the series once. Also, I decided to get into Brandon's other books in March 2012, and he's now my favourite author ever. So my thoughts won't really have any "hardcore WOT" points, because I'm not really a hardcore WOT fan.) I thought the last third was absolutely, wonderfully fabulous, but there were some pacing problems earlier on. Slayer and all the Forsaken are practically immortal, as they are all being saved for the ending. In TGS and TOM, major battles happened in the middle of the books, and bad guys like Mesaana and the Gholam were actually defeated there. It meant that climactic parts could come at any time. However, as I said, all the major bad guys were just running around being invincible. The "Darkest Hour" feeling of Chapter 37 was neat, but I wanted to see the good guys actually win fights against the villains at some point. In fact, they could have had Bel'al revealed to be not dead, having sent a decoy to fight Rand. And then he would die immediately. That sounds mindbendingly stupid even to me, but it would have allowed someone to be actually defeated. Also, some villains had long overstayed their welcomes. Taim could have gone down when Androl reclaimed the Black Tower, seeing as he bored me during the final battle. I was okay with Graendel (spelling?) and Moghedian still around as long as they something awesome, but they didn't accomplish much. Egwene's death could have been against one of those two, and it would have made them feel more relevant that some random fight with Avi. Demandred has always been my favourite Forsaken (with Semhirage and Moridin behind him), so his focus in this book was nice. However, his random invincibleness was the most obvious and bothersome. The last hundred pages were perfect though, IMO. Everything was done right, with all those guns being fired. The first two thirds of the book were nice, but there was too much of an emphasis on the fighting. It was hard to understand what was going on, and the lead-up to Chapter 37 seemed to drag on and on and on. I wish that we had gotten more character interaction instead of all the fighting. We could still see stuff happening, but Brandon excels at interaction between characters (Mistborn is great and you should read it). I think he could have delivered a stronger finish if he had scaled back the lead-up battles and added in some more tying down of character arcs for the big finish. (My favourite chapter in the first two thirds was "Older and More Weathered", where Mat and Rand were meeting up again while Tuon was talking.) Also, while I loved Rand Vs. DO, Rand's speeches were almost exactly the same as the ones Vin gave during the conclusion of the Mistborn trilogy. Brandon is awesome, but Rand is in no way Vin, so it felt kind of jarring. Still, despite the failings I found with the book, it was still an incredibly strong finish. (I think I like Mistborn 3: The Hero of Ages more, but it's pure Brandon, so it's my favourite thing ever.)
  5. Old guy takes a nap. Fat guy conquers the couch. Soldier trips on a rock. Drunken man noms his friend.
  6. ... when you say "the one power" instead of "magic". ... when a crazy coincidence happens and you say, "Ta'veren". ... when you're reading a book on famous murders and you wonder why Asmo isn't listed. ... when you say, "Light!", "Blood and bloody ashes!", "Mother's milk in a cup!" and "Flaming" instead of normal swear lords. ... when you wake up and find yourself reaching for a WoT book. ... when you wonder if people are actually reincarnated Forsaken. ... when you tell your kids to "Go to bed or Lanfear will get you!" (Okay, I'm not even married, but you know) ... when you perfectly recreate Snakes and Foxes and play it. ... when you look in the newspaper to see if there have been any false dragons recently.
  7. Well, I'm pretty sure mother's milk in a cup was supposed to be dirty, but I also get that "dirty" vibe from Easing The Badger. You know, swordfights in WoT are really boring. It's just 'he used insert technique here'. Kind of like an RPG, only not interactive and you don't know what all the moves do.
  8. I'm certain I heard Jordan say he decided to geniunely turn back to the light.
  9. Exactly what I was going to say! Rand knew he was mad, he was just trying to blame the madness on "Lews Therin".
  10. The grining Aiel from ToM (shiver) of course! Aiel have red hair! And beer! (I always mentally pronounce Aiel "ale").
  11. Have you ever hilariously misread anything in WoT? I have. Post yours. - In tGS, I thought the chapter "The Tower Stands" was called "The Tower Sucks". - At one point I thought Galad said, "We are bacon!!" to the whitecloaks.
  12. Well, it is TAR so Demandred could have made a copy of himself or something. I'm sure Elayne, Nynaeve, Egwene, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Thom, Morgase and Dyelin will be very shocked to learn that Elayne was Demandred the whole time.
  13. Does anybody else notice how Amys is always saying that The World of Dreams is the most dangerous thing ever and making metaphors such as "Letting someone not familiar with it wander the World of Dreams is like letting a wetlander baby walk the waste." What exactly is this supreme danger? Yes, I know there are nightmares and other people in Tel'aran'rhiod, but any sensible person would be able to figure out "avoid the evil black things". And nightmares only appear in TAR when it serves the plot or creates drama, so it seems like Amys is over-reacting. Yes, there are wolves there, but they don't kill anything, and Slayer is there, but Amys doesn't know about him. So why is she so convinced that letting someone into the world of dreams is as good as a death sentence?
  14. qft How could it be anyone else? He is Nae'blis. Well, it could always be The Dark One. But I think the Smiling Aiel had the 13 X 13 trick used on them.
  15. Agreed. But be careful, you'll enrage all of the posters who think that Jordan had every detail of this series fixed firmly in his mind from the first moment. I also think Taim was originally going to be Demandred. Really? I've thought a bit about this and it seems strange -- why should one of the Forsaken declare himself to be the Dragon Reborn? Knew he was going to get a lot of attention - including from Aes Sedai - and also he would've had to have been freed from the prison long before Aginor and whoever else was freed near the end of the EoTW. I think. Evidence in support is "so-called Aiel" and "Let the Lord of Chaos Rule", but these could mean he's just very high up among Dreadlords. More scary is the 13 DF/13 Mydraal possibility. At first I thought there was a Forsaken impersonating that/those Asha'man, but turning them darkfriends by force is much scarier.. can they be turned back to the light with 13 Aes Sedai channeling through 13 virgins :P? I bloody agree with this, however, I've been trying to find Demandred for a long time and keep running into dead ends. Also Osan'Gar was empersonating an Asha'Man so I wouldn't think that if taim was Demandred he would have let Osan'Gar in. I don't think Demandred has surfaced yet he want's Al'Thor more than any of the Forsaken but he's incredibly smart but not good at holding his temper. I think we will see him in aMoL for sure but what role he's going to play I'm not sure but he is the only Forsaken left alive besides Moridin, Moghidean, and Cyndane. Unless you think Greandal is still alive lol... I actually think Shaidar Hain will do to her what Valda did to Morgase, then make her mindtrapped to Moridin.
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