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  1. I also thought that he is going to marry Morgase. The books mentioned several times that it is not so unusual for the Andor nobility to marry a commoner. But now we know for sure that it won't happen. I would like to see Tam al'Thor as a husband anyway. We know him as a soldier, we know him as a father...the role of husband could deepen the character.
  2. I was just wondering....what about the man and Cadsuane for instance? They could be an interesting couple...
  3. Hello I started my second reread few days ago and I noticed some iteresting stuff. Sorry if it was discussed elsewhere. In TGH before they leave Fal Dara, Rand is instructed by Lan and the lesson is about "sheathing the sword". The hardest lesson ever. I'm convinced that the lesson will play an important role in the AMOL. So the question is: Will rand commit a suicide? We know for sure that LTT did it...
  4. I was lurging here for some time (about two years) then I finally decided to register. I started to read the WOT back then in 1998 and I used to read it in Czech translation but the publushing somehow ceased and from then till now I read it in English...BTW the comparation was quite interesting... So I look forward to all the WOT stuff and our rich discussions :) May you find shade...
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