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  1. Thank your for your answers. Actually I want CD-books rather than digital ones (I don't like copy-protection and strange audio-formats). Brolie, you are very right about supporting small bookstores, though I guess many is limited in their collection, and it is hard time effort to find bookstores which sells audiobooks of Wheel Of Time; to be honest I'm just guessing about that, but I don't think it is easy to find, but maybe I'll take a peek.. ;).
  2. Hello fellows! To be honest, I've for a while listened on the audio-books illegally, but these books have given me so much pleasure, I've decided to buy all of them. Though I need some advice...I really want to buy these books so close to the author/speaker as possible, as few middle-hands as possible, preferably directly from author. Also, when buying these audio-books, it would be preferable to get the latest updated/corrected ones. I was surprised that web-shop on this site does not sell the books. Maybe there is some other "official" place to get the audio-books? /Johannes EDIT:
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